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THADE ANDY: Woke capitalism robs you blind while the left cheers them on

A fool and his money are easily parted and corporations love these fools. They used to have to work to prise money from the reluctant public who demanded value for these exchanges, but now they can do that with a lot less work by proclaiming the creed of social justice. 

Interestingly, in this regard, Big Corp took all their tactics from the Left, and the Left – who never had more than a passing interest in the issues of working people – are supporting them full gusto, because they also gain from this con.

The people handing over their wealth and their futures are scientifically and historically ignorant but are easily fooled by the tenor of a shrill campaign, so they support the various climate eschatologists and neo-marxist equity declarations with the fervour of new converts.

Vulture Capital funds buy up domestic housing stock but investment fund managers, Blackrock, manage to ingratiate themselves by making woke climate statements. The most duplicitous companies in the world are getting away with extraordinary exploitation of the young by pandering to neurotic woke sensibilities. When Blackrock buys up all the housing stock at 20% above market value, leaving young buyers in a perpetual rental market, they position themselves as the good guys by promising to withdraw from investment in fossil fuels.


Ironically, the biggest cheerleaders for Blackrock’s woke capitalism are the demographic who will be locked out of the opportunity to ever own their own home. Home ownership amongst the young is falling steeply, yet these same young people are completely bought off by Blackrock and similar corporations bromides on “the most urgent issues of our time.” When you get people acting frantically against their own interests, and it’s this cheap, why wouldn’t you keep going.

The most recent letter from Blackrock CEO, Larry Fink, to his investors is a prime example of pious wokery. You can just imagine the Fridays for Future zombies cheering it on

The average Gen-X liberal is equally enthralled to this creed, they’re living some fever dream where they are the enlightened first generation ever to see through the ruse of old beliefs.

The way this works on liberals is priceless. Middle class mothers will fill their kids with Burger King swill because they’re supporting gay causes and drag queen story hour. Except they hardly do that in Burger King Qatar. No, the corporation knows its market and tailors its message accordingly. Similarly, McDonalds’s support for Black Lives Matter is mostly absent in China, where some of their restaurants reportedly had a segregated section for black people. Shocking, but in the context of the unbridled pursuit of profits, unsurprising.

The Left don’t push back on these revelations, of course, because even they know resources aren’t infinite and that corporate interests won’t give them up easily. For the cultural Leftist, which includes nearly all the political establishment, they know that this is a cheap vote also. Inclusion talk doesn’t cost much, but it gets fierce loyalty from youth brainwashed by a neo-marxist cultural elite.

When the Berlin wall fell, the Chinese observed the lesson and took it to fruition. Communism in Eastern Europe fell apart because of its inherent inefficiency, not because of its totalitarian social corruption. China embraced the economic engine of free-market capitalism whilst keeping the totalitarian social control of communism. We (well actually the neo-conservatives and neo-libs) are only seeing this now after two decades of believing the dictators who rule China would fall in love with democracy as they grew to love the prosperity of the free market. For people who have read Solzhenitsyn and understand human nature, this was clearly a pipe dream from the beginning.

Also watching this game were the crony-capitalists, who surprisingly enough operate in precisely the same way as the new business elite in communist China. Incidentally, an examination of historians of the Russian Communist era reveals that they ran their industry in precisely the same ethical fashion as modern globalists do.

Soviet defector, Viktor Kravchenko (I choose Freedom p336), describes how he was allotted a budget to build a factory in the Siberian town of Kemerovo, and how in in meetings with the NKVD he bargained for slave labour construction crews. “There was a lot of cold-blooded bargaining on the qualifications of the slaves to be supplied and the prices to be paid,” he wrote.

This was no workers’ paradise, though it is justified with perverted ideologies of nobly working for a great ideological cause. It was not an isolated incident, historians of the Gulags testify that this conception of labour as a fungible and movable resource is how the Gulag system worked.

Globalists these days use the same sort of ideological smokescreens to obscure the fact that their cost reductions through offshoring is enabled through slave labour in distant parts of the world. For instance, solar panels, part of the great crusade to save the earth from burning, are cheap only because they are manufactured with Uyghur slave labour in China.

What the global corporations have learned from all this is that the cheapest way to get away scott-free with exploitation is woke corporatism. Coke, Apple, Blackrock, Delta Airlines, etc. they have all learned that if you pay a donation to BLM, fly a rainbow flag, commit to “racial audits”, or support some woke political campaign, you can rifle the wealth of the nation, or treat workers badly, and the so-called opposition will cheer you on.

Smart move indeed by some of America’s largest corporations to get together and grand stand on “voter suppression” while the industrial heart of America is gutted by cost-saving off-shoring First-of-its-kind meeting draws more than 100 corporate leaders to discuss state voting laws – CBS News That way they pretend they are standing up for the underdog.

How funny is that, that a cabal of the ultra wealthy (Deltas CEO, Ed Bastion, for instance makes $17million a year) get to lecture the working class on inclusion, and the international-marxist types who seem to have replaced the old union type of leftist, support them completely. Ideological possession perhaps!

The left – all of the left, from the starbucks socialists and trust fund pinkos, to the cringe fringe bread liners – are completely behind the acquisition of wealth in the hands of mega multination corporations as long as the same corporations mouth some bromides on Diversity Inclusion, and Equity (DIE). The populist Left who thronged to Occupy Wallstreet are now cheering on the same targets they rightly identified then as corrupt. The DIE religion is a cheap loyalty buy for the multinational corporations of the world.



What these woke corporations know is that a fool and his money are soon parted. In a fiduciary sense, Starbuck are right to put out woke BS and get a bunch of dumb hipsters to pay for their overpriced lattes. So from their point of view, they are right to keep pushing their woke evangelism. It’s the cheapest way to rule the world, and the conservatives don’t seem to care enough to push back.


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