Why did a man named Brian just win a female beauty pageant?

renaming it 'The Bros of Tralee' would at least be funny - erasing women is not


In a US town somewhat confusingly called ‘Derry’,  a man named Brian Ngyun was just crowned as winner in a beauty pageant becoming a ‘Miss America title holder’. 

Ngyun is the first ‘transgender woman’ – a man – to win a title under the Miss America Organisation according to Evie

While many pageants do their bit to pretend the contestants’ personalities and intelligence count in some way, we all know that beauty competitions, by their very nature, are about physical attractiveness. 

With this in mind, how did a rotund  biological male like Brian win out over – judging from his fellow contestants’ photos – 12 pretty women?

This writer can only come to the conclusion that Brian was chosen because he is a man. 

Perhaps by the logic of those involved in pathological levels of ‘tolerance’ it would be unfair to let Brian feel like a woman, i.e. an adult human female, is better at being at female than he is. 

Maybe it was emotionally easier on the female contestants to ‘lose’ to Brian than to not win and be judged as lacking compared to another woman.

Readers will likely be aware that Ireland’s own modest version of Miss America, The Rose of Tralee this year announced that biological men are welcome to join. 

Women over 30 may not enter the competition, but men in a gúna are fine. 

After all the changes that have come about in Western society, many of which are attributable to feminism – for good or ill – it seems endlessly ironic that men, in some cases, are ‘better’ at being women than women are.

Was feminism all for nothing? Should we all just go back in the proverbial kitchen and attend to the needs of our superiors? 

Considering how few in number ‘transgender women’ are, they seem endlessly capable of achieving great female accolades, especially in sports.

All Brian had to do to become Miss Greater Derry was to have long hair, and wear a dress. 

By that logic what’s stopping me from donning a wig and gown and ascending to the bench? 

I have a preexisting interest in law so if I make an effort to look like a judge isn’t it bigoted of anyone to try and stop me? I might do a better job than some Irish judges judging from a list of some recent sentencing. 

I’ve been around legal professionals for many years in much the same way that Miss Greater Derry has likely been around women. 

I’d likely be called ‘racist’ or some other word to that effect for wearing a Sombrero or a Qipao.  It seems gender appropriation,  on the other hand,  is not just ok –  it is to be celebrated. 

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