What we can learn from Matt Walsh’s masterful trolling

The best part of Matt Walsh’s trolling of AOC was the knowledge that she wouldn’t take the money. She couldn’t because that would mean that the state was not the best means of solving the problem. Sandy Cortez is a state-ist and every antagonistic dialectic she embarks upon has one objective; enlarge the state.

In summary. US house rep Alexandria Ocasia Cortez (the bread-liner socialist with a knack for grand theatre who is known by the familiar acronym AOC) posted a tweet of a house in Puerto Rico where her Abuela (grandmother) was living in squalor because of the evil orange man. Matt Walsh replied that that was terrible and he was starting a Go Fund Me campaign to have AOC’s Abuela’s house fixed up.

Matt Walsh on Twitter: “Thank you to @TuckerCarlson for giving me an opportunity to talk about my philanthropy and community service on his show tonight. My greatest passion is helping others.” / Twitter


Matt Walsh even started the fund with $499 which he claimed was the monthly repayment on AOC’s new Tesla. In just a ten hours the campaign exceeded its target and raised $100,000. But for some odd reason GoFundMe wouldn’t give the money to AOC’s Abuela. I’m not saying they contacted AOC and were told to refuse the money, just that something happened.

Matt Walsh on Twitter: “I’m sorry abuela. I tried.


SaveAbuela and Make Abuelas Great Again started trending on Twitter prompting memes aplenty. Some reactionary conservatives though it was a “self own” though.

This misses the point by about a million miles. Yes Walsh has been hamming up the philanthropy aspect of this and taking the moral high ground which makes AOC look a little selfish and hypocritical, but that’s not the issue either. Yes, he has been lording it over leftists on twitter who attack his intentions, with slap downs that are driving them insane Matt Walsh on Twitter: “Factually informing the public of my generosity and benevolence is not bragging. It’s called journalism.” / Twitter It’s funny, but it’s not the crucial issue.


Matt Walsh on Twitter: “Oh please. I’ve raised more money for abuelas in a week than you have in your whole life.” / Twitter


The fact that AOC refused to take the money from Walsh’s charitable campaigning even though it would fix this terrible housing problem, is the point. AOC and people of her political inclination don’t want individuals acting on their own behalf or on the behalf of others. For them every problem is a reason to expand the power of the state and reduce the power of the citizen. She is a stateist and Walsh’s provocation made her reveal that. She is no more driven by compassion than she is able to predict the earth’s future (remember she said it would be 12 years before the world ends).

She had only one way to react to Walsh’s charity and that was to refuse it because it would make the state less necessary. For neo-marxists every issue is an excuse to expand the dictatorial apparatus of the state. This is the Hegelian dialectic.

With Leftists like Cortez the issue is never the issue. Walsh’s response was anything but reactionary, it was revelatory.

Matt Walsh deserves an accolade for this. He has stated that he will accept the Nobel Peace Prize if offered.

Matt Walsh on Twitter: “ANNOUNCEMENT: I didn’t do it for the accolades but if anyone does want to nominate me for a Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of my philanthropic endeavors, I will not turn down the award”



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