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What if Eamon Ryan’s policies are INCREASING carbon emissions?

Shortly after defying all of the covid probabilities by affirming that his false positive covid test was actually false, Eamon Ryan jetted off to Scotland (we can’t confirm whether he took a private jet like all the other important eco-warriors) and boasted about increasing Ireland’s carbon emissions.

He didn’t put it in those words, of course, but when he bragged to a government-funded, sorry, independent reporter from  that he had banned fracking and will issue no more licenses for oil and gas exploration, he was unbeknown to himself actually celebrating increasing Ireland’s carbon emissions


But the truth is that the major global success stories of carbon emissions reduction happened because of gas and nuclear energy.  For instance, by 2020 the USA had reduced its carbon emissions 22% below 2005 levels, thanks to cheap natural gas. American consumers liked this also, because it gave them savings of $100 billion per year on their electricity and heating bills.

On the other hand, strategies that prioritized weather-dependent renewables actually increase carbon emissions – mostly because when renewables like wind fail (and they do regularly), carbon-heavy energy sources are used to pick up the slack.

So, Germany, who prioritise a renewable strategy, have a much higher emissions rate than low carbon, low renewables, France. Germany produces 365g of carbon for every KWH of electricity, nuclear-reliant France produce only 44g.

Back in Scotland at COP26, Ryan was hoping his “climate plan” would show the world how to tackle climate. The US, China, India, and other mammoths would marvel at plucky and pioneering Ireland, etc.

Eamon boasts that Ireland will use the bargaining power of the European Union to pursue their policies, but the European Commission on January 1st embraced Gas as an emissions reducing strategy, and have confirmed that natural gas will be counted as sustainable, making it eligible for European Union financing.

The EU “sustainable taxonomy” deal appears to be a compromise between nuclear-reliant France and increasingly gas-using Germany.

It looks like they forgot to tell Eamon that they were pushing gas. I’m sure that was a mistake and the memo will be coming shortly. When it does, will Eamonn do a volte-face on his fracking ban?

The US reduced its carbon emissions between 2005 and 2020 by 20% through the expansion of fracking, and switching from coal and oil to natural gas as the main fuel in power generation. The USA’s emissions reduction revolution happened because of fracking, the very thing that Eamonn Ryan boasts about banning.

Germany, on the other hand, having shut down nuclear under pressure from the green activists, have since realized that weather dependent renewables are not capable of providing reliable or cost effective energy, and have replaced half of their nuclear plants with coal and natural gas.

Of course just because Mr. Ryan banned fracking in Ireland, it does not mean we don’t buy gas and burn it to generate electricity. We buy gas as an import, supporting the gas industry in other nations and necessitating the transportation of the fuel in pressurized ocean going cargo ships. European gas can come all the way from America where it was extracted by fracking.

The Green tactic of banning fracking here while turning a blind eye to gas obtained to fracking coming in through the back door is both dishonest and duplicitous and has helped drive up electricity prices for Irish customers.

But Eamon Ryan says the Greens are not about punishing people and putting a cost on them. In famous-last-words-worthy blabber, he said “It’s about doing things differently, not hardship posting.”

Unlike General Custer, Ryan won’t go down with his plan. He won’t take the hardship when it comes for those on the average industrial wage.

So the emissions-reducing frackers of the US, and the gas exporters of Russia, will not be looking to Ryan for engineering and energy solutions. They would be happy to sell us gas much like Latvia now sells us – a country still rich in bogs – turf by the lorry load.

Ryan said “this is the way the world is going” not realizing that the world is abandoning his type of energy plan and is opening up gas pipe lines to Russia to supply the much needed gas.

Germany for instance, despairing at the high cost of electricity after their failed long term renewable project, Energiewende, has recently gratefully agreed to a multiyear deal with Russia to supply gas through the Nordstream2 pipe line. This pipeline, after being held up by former President Trump for 4 years, was approved by President Biden as one of his first acts in office. Nice one uncle Joe

Sorry Eamon, looks like the great Irishman Biden wasn’t paying attention to your leadership.

Ryan is also minister for transport and communications, believe it or not.

During his cringingly smug interview at COP26 he seems to believe that “the science” talks to him.

“The Science”, not to be confused with an empirical process of theorizing, testing, and validation through repeated observation, known as science, is some sort of omnipotent being that speaks to leftists and corporate carpet baggers and gives them sacred commandments to spread to the masses.

Or so it appears, because when people say they listen to it they usually talk dogma and nonsense. Meanwhile, we’re paying for it.

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