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WATCH: McGrath says “feeble” Irish leaders are “the good boys of Europe”

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has ripped “feeble” Irish leaders, and said they will not stand up to “diabolical” measures like the green travel passport because they want to be “the good boys of Europe.”

Speaking in the Dáil on Europe Day this week, Deputy McGrath from Tipperary slammed the government’s love-affair with the European Union.

“Members of the Government love to pay homage to the European bureaucrats, and the bureaucrats know it,” he said.

“That is why we are being penalised, perished and literally terrorised by these non-elected bureaucrats of Europe. The Taoiseach said earlier in reply to Deputy Nolan’s question about the situation with the selling of veterinary medicines by merchants, “Oh, it is a European directive.” That is a reply he is good at giving.

“France gets these European directives and what does it do with them? It tears them up and puts them in the bin. We are the best boys in the class for obeying European directives. That is what we are good at, but we are feeble and inadequate in applying for funds, even those set up for recovery from the Covid pandemic.”

Continuing on, Deputy McGrath praised former Fiann Fáil Taoiseach Sean Lemass, and asserted that he would be “turning in his grave” and the modern state of his party.

“Our country has given away so many of its freedoms during this pandemic. The last Fianna Fáil speaker invoked the anniversary of Seán Lemass. He was a great man and a visionary. He is turning in his grave at such a speed that evolution and science would be unable to measure it.”

Concluding his statement, McGrath went on to rip the government for not standing up to what he called a “diabolical” green travel passports, and said that a “totalitarianism” had crept into Ireland in recent months.

“We are the good boys of Europe, the best boys in the class,” he reiterated.

“A totalitarianism has crept into Ireland, especially in the past 13 or 14 months but also before that. It is the European plan.

“There is now talk of a green passport. That was planned in 2018 and there were meetings about it in 2019, ever before we had Covid-19. It is shocking and diabolical.

“We are supposed to be an independent state. I do not know where our independence has gone. We have feeble leaders and representatives who will not even come in here to listen or talk to us.”

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