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WATCH: Irish truckers protest in capital for second time in weeks

Irish hauliers are protesting in Dublin city for the second time in weeks to protest rising fuel prices and carbon taxes, which they told Gript is “government-driven.”

The organisers, who call themselves the Irish Truckers Haulage Association Against Fuel Prices, are primarily calling for “lower fuel costs at the pump and at home.”

Protesters say they are being “forced off the roads by high fuel prices,” which they say is “unfair.”

Gript previously interviewed truckers when they came to Dublin in late November. They were critical of Transport Minister Eamon Ryan, who they said was “only interested in putting people off the road.”

“If we don’t come out and deliver every morning, there’s nothing in the shop for you to buy, nothing for you to eat. And that’s why we’re out here today…

“It wasn’t too long ago during the pandemic that we were seen as key or essential workers. And yet now we’re being forced off the road by high fuel prices.”


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