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WATCH: Donegal mica protests ramp up over weekend

Thousands of people assembled outside Donegal County Council in Lifford over the weekend to demand 100% redress for homeowners whose houses were made with defective mica blocks.

The houses in question were made of weak materials and as a consequence many are at risk of collapse. Over 4,000 houses are believed to be affected by the issue across counties Donegal and Mayo.

While the government announced a redress scheme at the end of 2018, homeowners were expected to bear 10% of the cost. This was not the case the pyrite redress scheme in Dublin, which saw the government bear 100% of the cost.

The protest, which was organised by the Lifford Mica Group and the 100% Redress No Less group, featured two affected homeowners as speakers, as well as local Paddy Diver and MIchael Doherty from the Mica Action Group.

Talks between organisers and the government are ongoing, and the Action Group says they will continue to push for full redress.

Additionally, protesters gathered in Cavan last week outside the Fianna Fáil “think-in” to pressure the government further on the issue.

Earlier Gript interviewed several of the Mica protesters, including Paddy Diver outside the Convention Centre. A link to that video can be found below.


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