Wales: Woman arrested for asking biological male to leave women’s toilet.

Police asked woman to apologise

A woman was arrested from a bar in Wales after she told a biological male he ‘shouldn’t be there’. 

Reduxx reports that the woman known as ‘Kate’ had gone Heidi’s Bier Bar on Mill Lane, in Cardiff with a friend after attending an annual feminist conference. 

Kate says that as she was queuing for the ladies toilet she noticed a “drag queen” looking man. 

“I said, ‘you’re a man, you shouldn’t be in here,’” Kate explained, going on to describe that the man and some female patrons began shouting abuse at her. “When I was down there, there was absolutely no one supporting me.”

The report continues saying, “Police arrived shortly after, at approximately 2 a.m. Upon arriving, they interviewed the trans-identified male and his friends, who insisted Kate had threatened them and that she was on cocaine.” 

Kate was arrested at the scene. 

“I am a 54 year old woman with two adult children. It’s Sunday night. I was not on cocaine. It’s so ludicrous,” Kate said. “They could have tested me, or given me a drug test — they didn’t. They searched me and took all of my belongings, I had no drugs. I only had a bar on soap in my pocket because I had been gifted soap.”

More details, including the transcript of a video of the incident, can be read in the exclusive interview Kate gave to Reduxx

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