A strange new medievalism is about. It’s a complex set of attitudes and public penitence, confessions, and rituals; all coming from an elite class, and it has all the hallmarks of a medieval feudalism.

The dukes and lords of this medievalism are the credentialed elite. Their castles and Chateau are the institutional hives of media, academia, and politics; but most intriguing of all, is their modern version of the medieval pilgrimage of atonement.

This year we have seen a stream of extraordinarily privileged elite and wealthy people complain that they are victims. One on the crassest distractions was the sob story of a multi millionaire who left her spacious $6 million mansion to visit her neighbours $9 million mansion to whine about how racist everybody was to her. An extraordinarily privileged black woman speaking to one of the richest people in America (also a Black woman) complaining she is a victim.

It doesn’t matter how rich you are, or how powerful you are, you can still be a victim if you just have the right pedigree.

The interviewing woman, Oprah Winfrey, once felt disrespected by a lowly employee of a high end Swiss boutique as she pondered about buying a $30,000 bag. The employee was slow to respond to her inquiries; an obvious case of racial oppression and abuse of power. Not so said the shocked shop assistant who denied the allegations of racism and expressed bewilderment at the public flogging. “She is so powerful and I am just a shop girl,” she pointed out.

In Ireland, the privileged Regina Doherty – who gets a cushy parliamentary job in the Seanad despite the electorate specifically saying they were sick of her and voting her out – laments that the stress of nasty name calling is just too much for a public rep to put up with.  She too is a victim you see. She, in her vulnerable state, is reaching out to her ministerial colleagues for a solution.

Peasants, clingers, deplorables, smelly people, dog-faced pony soldiers, and chumps! Beware the risen people; for Doherty and Winfrey et al are taking on the system from the inside and fighting back.

All this, by the way, while millions of low income and middle class people are struggling to meet their bills because of an unnecessary mass quarantine, that arose from the popular delusion of an imminent plague.

All this, while politicians are seizing insane amounts of power and pushing draconian laws that crush the principles of liberty that our society is founded on. Taking away the liberty of the citizen is a step towards tyranny. Can we at least be honest about that?

Interestingly, one of the few liberties that will be allowed in Ireland from April 23 is the right of eviction. Got that? You can’t meet in your friend’s house, or work to pay your rent or mortgage, but strangers can come into your house and turf you out for not paying your rent or mortgage.

Perhaps these people do feel guilty about their immense wealth and privilege. Sure their children go to well resourced private schools where teacher contact is not diverted into foundational English lessons. Sure they live in areas that the vast majority of people couldn’t afford – areas where housing and land are far too expensive to host an immigrant hostel. Sure, in the case of politicians, they might have six-figure, tax-payer paid salaries, up to as much as a quarter of a million Euro.

But what the little people don’t realise is that the elites are better people than them, and they make up for their vast wealth by telling you how to live. How to be better.

Maybe they feel a little bit guilty; after all there is white privilege! Our own eternally oppressed person of colour, Leo Varadkar, mentioned it once or twice.

However, like the medieval duke who pays for a brick in the dome of St. Peters and receives a wad of indulgence in the trade, the new medievalist gets absolved of their unearned privilege by supporting the holy causes of today.

Simon Harris, for instance has earned a whole lot of indulgence by simply saying how much he supports the crusading BLM; a protection racket with a manichean “Peter The Hermit” zeal about it. It cannot be forgotten of course that he has already earned a pleniary indulgence for spear heading the death of Irish babies through Repeal.

Others declare undying loyalty to the doomsday cult of environmental millennarianism. Twelve years (10 now or possibly less) to save the world! Any business wanting to buy its way into the progressive heaven (making money) had better pay their dues to this church.

But the most striking aspect of this medievalism is the guilt culture and the penance that alleviates that guilt.

You are guilty for structural racism (sure you don’t have a clue what that means but hey, neither do the plebs so if you pretend you do, you’ll look better looking down on them). Pay to BLM or post a black square on your instagram. Make sure you get the full pleniary indulgence by denouncing the sinners who don’t.

You are guilty of murdering mother earth with your excessive consumption.

Solution: Buy a Tesla!

Added benefit: The clingers can’t afford one, and you can look down on them.

Indeed it has been said: Heaven is having privilege! Saintliness is knowing how to handle it.