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Using children for political gain: the Wall of Paedophrasts

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A funny thing just happened in Portland. One of the crazy ideas of the stunningly dishonest leftists just caught on. The “Wall of Moms” looks to be a winner because it repurposes the instinctive protectiveness of our species towards children, and turns it into a political weapon.

Paedophrasty (a term coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb) is the use of images of children for political purposes, and the exploitation of this protective instinct, which has obvious evolutionary purposes, to suit an agenda is an old political trick.

It’s not the first time we have seen children used as the spear-tip of a political agenda, while the real orchestrators are shielded by their activism. Remember the Climate Strike? Does anyone believe that was organic? Did anyone believe Minister Richard Bruton’s carefully orchestrated meeting with young climate activists wasn’t a planned political PR stunt?

There is little doubt that someone with a very good understanding of PR –probably with a long professional background in it- is orchestrating this “Wall of Mom’s” movement.

The “Wall of Moms” in their yellow t-shirts are very visible at the front line of the riots/protest/riots bearing signs that demand the police ‘leave our kids alone’. They are part of the publicity campaign of lies and outright theatricality that the Portland branch of the leftist revolution has carefully fostered, with the help of the establishment news media.

The optics are obviously compelling – any law enforcement officers who try to breach the line of women are therefore attacking both moms and kids. It’s a clever move.

I’m sure there are one or two mothers in the line-up, but real moms looking on would probably spot straight away that most of the activists are spoofers who are just there for the hysterical theatrics.

Given the make-up of leftist protesters, its likely many of these women in their childless old age will fondly reminisce about the summer of noble activism of 2020.

The symbolism is brilliantly designed. I mean who would think of attacking a mother defending her children? And we all understand the maternal urge to defend your children. It’s a noble and sacred thing.

There have been lots of failed loony ideas in the recent leftist putsch in America, but a bunch of winners too. The leftists don’t need to win every battle; they see this as a movement inching forward. The “Wall of Moms” is a concept that exploits the strongest and most fundamental human instinct, the maternal instinct, to propel a cultural revolution which, ironically, has no maternal instincts.

This violent Maoist cultural ideology has cleverly branded a concept that tugs at the maternal heartstrings and grafted it onto the BLM anti-family movement.

Alas, it all seemed to unravel fairly quickly. Unsurprisingly, within days, the Portland Wall of Moms was accused of “anti-blackness” by a local racial-justice group, Don’t Shoot Portland. The dastardly actions of Wall of Moms founder, Bev Barnum, in seeking to register the group as a non-profit was evidence of some sort of racism.

Also, unsurprisingly, the Wall of Moms responded with a cringing mae culpa, and a commitment to sack cloth and ashes and self flagellation. Ms Barnum was even described as “going rogue” by her fellow Moms.

On with the revolution!



Lorcán Mac Mathúna


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