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US President Joe Biden set to visit Ireland next month

US President Joe Biden has announced that he will visit Ireland in the near future, after receiving a formal invitation to the North from UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The invitation was offered during the two’s meeting in San Diego, where both leaders met to announce a major nuclear submarine deal with Australia.

“I look forward to our conversations and also importantly, to invite you to Northern Ireland, which hopefully you will be able to do and so we can commemorate the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement,” said Sunak, speaking at the Point Loma naval base.

“I know it’s something very special and personal to you. We’d love to have you over.”

Mr. Biden replied “Twenty-five years? It seems like yesterday.”

He added: “It’s my intention to go to Northern Ireland and the Republic.”

The trip is rumoured to be scheduled for next month, and is expected to focus on strengthening the peace process and addressing any concerns about the impact of Brexit on the Northern Ireland region.

President Biden has long been a supporter of the Good Friday Agreement, which ended decades of conflict in Northern Ireland, and has emphasised the importance of preserving peace and stability in the region.

The details of President Biden’s itinerary have not yet been released, but his visit is expected to generate significant interest and attention in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland amid ongoing post-Brexit political challenges.

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