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UK Motorists Engage in ‘Go Slow’ Protest Over Fuel Price Hikes

Hundreds of disgruntled drivers are engaging in a so-called “Go Slow Demo” across the UK.

The protests, which were reportedly arranged through social media, kicked off at 7am this morning on the A50 motorway.

The Telegraph described the protest as a “rolling blockade” saying that vehicles were moving at 30mph.

The Derbyshire Telegraph reported a 25 year old protester as saying: “The fuel prices are a joke. I drive for a living. When you’re paying so much for fuel it doesn’t make it worth it anymore.

“People who were self-employed can’t be anymore.”

He added, “Even big haulage companies are going out of business because of the prices.”

Speaking to ITV News Anglia, one motorist said that the “fuel prices were getting a bit ridiculous” adding that for every £100 of fuel purchased £40 was tax.

One woman commented by questioning why the cost of fuel has gone up in the UK  when “the bulk price of fuel has remained that same”.

According to the RAC Foundation, this time last year the pence per litre price of fuel was;

Petrol 131.76p (30/6/2021) compared to 191.43p as of the first of July this year.

Similarly, diesel prices increased from 134.19p to 199.03p for the same period.

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