Tucker Carlson issues video statement blasting media after being fired from Fox network

Ex Fox News host Tucker Carlson has issued his first video statement since being fired from the American news giant. 



In the video statement shared on his Twitter which has amassed over 12,000,000 views in less than twelve hours, Carlson blasted the media failing to debate important topics. 

“The undeniably big topics,” which Carlson said “will define our future”  get “virtually no discussion at all,”. 

He pointed to issues concerning “war, civil liberties, emerging science, demographic change, corporate power, and natural resources” rhetorically asking when listeners had heard a “legitimate” debate about any of those topics. 

Referring to media framing of current affairs he said that once he “stepped out of the noise for a few days” he realised “how many genuinely nice people there are” in the United States. 

He said he was ‘heartened’ by the realisation that there were so many kind hearted people in the country that he said ‘care about what’s true’ and have a good sense of humour, adding that he felt this was likely the majority of the population. 

He pointed to the stupidity of much of what is debated in the mainstream media describing the content as “completely irrelevant” and meaning “nothing”. 


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