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Trump officially announces running for re-election in 2024

Ex-US President Donald Trump has declared that he is running again for the US Presidency in 2024.

The announcement was made during a speech in Palm Beach, Florida – a state in which the Republican Party saw enormous success at the recent midterm elections.

“In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy of the United States,” he said to his cheering supporters.

An hour before the event, Trump had also filed the necessary forms to run for the presidency with the US Federal Election Commission.

The announcement may put the former president on a collision course with fellow Republican and Florida Governor Ron De Santis.

De Santis, who won his recent election by a landslide in a state which was formerly insecure for Republicans, gained significant popularity among US conservatives for his bold stances against Covid restrictions and radical trans ideology.

He has also engaged in headline-grabbing political stunts, such as sending plane-loads of illegal immigrants to wealthy liberal areas like Martha’s Vinyard to expose the problems of mass illegal border crossings.

Comparatively, some commentators have argued that many of the Republicans’ Trump-endorsed candidates at the last midterm election did not perform as conservatives’ may have liked.

Trump has taken recent shots at the increasingly De Santis, referring to him as “Ron De Sanctimonious,” presumably in preparation for his own presidential run announcement.

While Trump significantly increased his vote share at the 2020 presidential election, officially acquiring more votes than any other President in US history apart from his opponent Joe Biden, a conflict between the two may prove to be ugly for conservatives.

De Santis has not yet responded publicly to any such jibes, but a Republican primary race between the two may result in a head to head collision which could split Republican voters and have far-reaching implications for the future of the party.



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