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The Left’s Meloni Meltdown and their Entitlement Complex – as I see it.

Does the left view children as mere choices?

Unless you have spent the last week surrounded by nature with no mod-cons in sight, you will be aware that Italy has just elected her first female Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni. 

As Gript had covered in the run up to the much anticipated elections, Meloni’s policies are very much in line with, in the tweeted words of my editor John McGuirk “what most people outside university sociology faculties believed circa 2007″.

And yet, Meloni has been lambasted in the media as fascist, far right, extreme right and Lord knows what else. Suffice it to say they seem to fear her brand of Italy first – that Italians should be free to express what makes them who they are, in her words ‘I am Italian, a Christian, a woman, a mother’. 

Indeed not so long ago statements like that would have been as plain as the nose on your face, but now they could very well be classed as micro aggressions. So much so that it has been reported that Youtube is removing her speech. 

Giorgia saying proudly that she is a woman might be offensive to someone who believes they were born in the wrong body, or her saying she is a Christian might trigger someone who thinks killing unborn children is a ‘right’. 

Here is a link to her manifesto, use Google translate and make up your own mind. 

I read articles highlighting claims that gay parents are fearful of what Meloni’s election might mean for the legal status of their families, and that women fear for their reproductive rights. 

I couldn’t help but think this most un-politically correct thought: the left sees children as possessions.

The left would have you believe they are all about love and acceptance but the reality, in my opinion, is that many of them are deeply selfish and want things on their terms only. 

They want the right to kill an unborn child when they don’t want them, and ‘buy’ a child when they can’t have one. The same people that will say abortion is necessary because the world is overpopulated will have themselves artificially inseminated to bring forth new life when they want it. 

This attitude degrades the dignity of the human being to a mere commodity. 

The truth is that nobody has a right to a child, the state after all – despite what it would have you think-  is not the entity that governs human reproduction. 

Our society has put personal choice ahead of personal responsibility. For every act there must be a failsafe to ensure that people do not have to accept the consequences of their own behaviour. 

We all make mistakes, and there are likely things many of us wish we had done or even said differently, but to have a functioning society we have to face up to the limits of reality. 

This article is not intended to serve as a guide to the rights and wrongs of gay adoption, but a homosexual couple cannot by natural means have a child. That’s just the way it is. A woman who is infertile by nature, or outside her reproductive window cannot have a child. It may seem unfair but such is life.  

Our society misleads young women about how brief our fertile window really is. I was shocked when my mother, a retired midwife, told me that at 35 a mother will be classed as  a ‘geriatric pregnancy’. 

To me the word geriatric was exclusively reserved for elderly people who had become unable to look after themselves and needed assisted care.

We don’t get everything we want in life, and we don’t have the right to either. We have the right to the pursuit of happiness, for example, but it seems many confuse that with some kind of ‘right to be happy’ alas they are mistaken. 

We have the right to act responsibly in such a way that leads us to what we want in life, we do not have the right to bend reality and let those our pursuits may harm be damned. 


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