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The Final Word on Covid in Ireland and a Word on the Vaccines

‍To begin I would like to state that Covid-19 is a real disease and some people have died directly and exclusively from it. That is an observable fact. Another observable fact – vaccines are a good thing. Although all vaccines have the potential to cause harm to some, in general, the benefits to the very many outweigh the harm to the very few. There are no wild theories in this commentary.

I Was Wrong

In my March 2020 commentary, I stated that according to the World Health Organization (WHO) Covid-19 had an infection fatality rate of 3.4% – 30 times more deadly than the flu. Furthermore, I suggested that “Governments are desperate to avoid panic so they have been downplaying the seriousness of the disease to some extent.” I was wrong. When the observable facts changed, I changed my mind. So, I would ask the reader to consider this article with an open mind.

My central argument is that we overreacted to Covid and indeed the cure was and is worse than the disease. Moreover, the general public have been bamboozled with a relentless barrage of meaningless statistical drivel and a media driven fear frenzy. A new lexicon took hold. A person who was not sick and yet tested positive for Covid was described as a ‘Covid Case’. A person arriving in hospital with a broken leg that passed the obligatory Covid test was described as a ‘Covid Hospitalization’. A person that died from cancer and yet passed the obligatory Covid test was described as a ‘Covid Death’. This new language was very misleading. I hope this article will untangle the truth and give people a better perspective on Covid-19.

All numbers given in this piece can be easily fact checked by the reader in either the main body of the text or in the appendix. We begin with some numbers to provide a little context.

IRELAND 2020 -2021

Road Deaths                    284

Suicides                            739

Covid Deaths                   151

Covid Tests          10,000,000

The Irish government and legacy media say almost 6,000 people died from Covid-19 in 2020 and 2021.  And yet these deaths are not showing up in our national mortality statistics. The Irish public believe that more people died than normal in Ireland in 2020. This is simply not true. This public perception is represented by the red bars in the chart below.  Reality is the blue bars.  This is Central Statistics Office of Ireland (CSO) data.

The government claims that 2,237 and then 3,675 people died of Covid-19 in 2020 and 2021.  If this were the case our death rates per thousand would be 6.8 and 7.3 (see Note 1 for more details). I cannot state it emphatically enough:


According to the Central Statistics Office of Ireland we lost 151 exclusively to Covid in 2020/21, half of whom were over 85 (see table below & Note 2, courtesy of Eddie Hobbes of Hobbes Financial).

To put 151 Covid deaths into context, consider that during this ‘pandemic’ an Irish person was five times as likely to die from suicide.

Over-Counting Covid Deaths and Hospital Data

The World Health Organization instructed health authorities around the world to carve Covid deaths out of their existing data collection systems and give it a separate standalone designation (Code – UO7). This had the effect of making Covid related deaths look like extra or new deaths.  It allowed politicians and media pundits all over the world to make outrageous claims. For example, US President Joe Biden claimed that America lost more people in 12 months to Covid than in all their foreign wars combined – absolute nonsense. (As an aside, financial incentives in the US encouraged rampant over-counting. For an example of how grotesquely distorted US numbers are, consider this, the United States has about 4% of the world’s population and about 16% of the world alleged Covid deaths).

In 2020 the expected number of people died of the ‘usual’ causes. However, continuous and relentless testing for Covid ensured that many ‘normal’ deaths were counted as Covid deaths. No extra deaths, just the same deaths accounted for in a different way.

In the time that it took 151 people to die of Covid, Ireland performed 10m Covid tests (Note 3).

We didn’t just over-count deaths, we over-counted Covid related hospital admissions and ICU patients.  Our healthcare system was not at bursting point as breathlessly reported by our legacy media (see Note 4 for data on ICU bed occupancy, trolley count etc).

Vaccine Madness

In healthcare terms Covid 19 was no different to a flu season.  In fact, more people died per head of population in 2016 than in 2020!  The data shows that you are twice as likely to die due to a road accident than Covid 19 (see www.rsa.ie).

So, we have to ask ourselves, what is the benefit of asking the entire population to take a new drug?  What is the upside and more importantly is there any downside to a mass drug experiment?  You don’t have to be a medical expert to ask a commonsense question.  Unfortunately, too few of Ireland’s medical practitioners asked this question.  On average Irish GPs were paid €70,000 per head for Covid services and vaccinations (Note 5).  This may have dampened their curiosity and clouded their judgement.

In 2021 Ireland’s death rate moved up to 6.6 per 1,000. Covid did not become more lethal in 2021 and vaccines were supposed to help. At the time of writing, the Irish medical community is not investigating the rise in our death rate.

Worldwide, the data pertaining to vaccine deaths and injuries is starting to pour in (Note 6).  It makes grim reading.  The key takeaway is that otherwise healthy people should not takes drugs for trivial diseases.


It appears as though Covid hysteria is quietly diminishing.  The general public have exhausted their fears of Covid, and governments are focusing on new manufactured crisis’s. However, history will not allow Covid to go quietly into the night.  The data ensures that it will be recorded as a period of mass psychosis.



The Great O’Neill is a Commodity Trading Advisor who writes a regular blog here 

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