Texas Community Rocked After Horrific Mass-Shooting

Images have emerged online of the suspect in the mass-shooting which took place this morning in Texas. The suspect, 18 year old Salvador Ramos was reportedly shot and killed by a Border Patrol agent who immediately responded when he became aware of the shooter’s presence.

Ramos shot dead 18 young children and 2 teachers, injuring about a dozen others before he himself was shot dead. 

It is reported that Ramos (18)  purchased two firearms on his recent birthday and used one of them to shoot and kill his grandmother before fleeing the scene in a vehicle. He had also posted images of the weapons alongside a considerable amount of ammunition to his social media accounts shortly before the deadly attack. 


Soon afterwards Ramos crashed the vehicle he was traveling in outside Robb Elementary School,  where he entered the building and opened fire after reportedly barricading himself inside a classroom. Robb Elementary School  is located in a Hispanic dominated neighborhood called Uvalde, where it is reported that Ramos was a member of the community. 

Speaking on TODAY Lieutenant Chris Olivarez said how officers had started breaking windows in an attempt to evacuate children and staff at the school after the suspect had barricaded himself inside. 

Olivarez described Ramos as a “Complete evil person” adding that he had “no regard for human life”. 

It is believed that the mass shooting was carried out with a long rifle and that Ramos was wearing a tactical vest during the attack. 

It has also been speculated whether or not  Robb Elementary School was the intended target for the shooting, or whether he committed the act there after accidentally crashing his vehicle outside.

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