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Surveys Show More People Struggling Under Weight of Increasing Inflation 

A survey published by children’s charity Barnados has found that parents of young children are finding it difficult to keep up financially due to the current rate of inflation. 

The Irish Times reported a member of the charity as saying, “In all my years with this service I’ve never seen so many families getting to the point of being cut off from electricity, having to make choices about what they are going to go with or without this week,”.

The study conducted by the research agency the Amárach Panel found that 63% of parents surveyed were having difficulty paying for a list of things not limited to ‘electricity, heat, food, medical visits or medicines, clothes, transport or activities’.

The Irish Examiner reported that Barnardos called on the Government to provide a ‘hardship fund’ to help struggling families with children, however it has so far refused calls from opposition parties for a mini-budget saying that measures to combat the cost of living will feature prominently in Budget 2023 in October.

A Permanent TSB study published in February this year revealed some top issues that were causing concern among the public, 62% of respondents reported concern about the cost of living, 47% reported the price of housing, 35% affordable rents, and 40% homelessness.

However the latest study published in  May reveals that 81% now say they are concerned about the cost of living, a 19% increase in just two months approximately.

The study says,“there has been a sharp increase in negativity over the past three months”, and that, “a majority of us now feel we are less well-off compared to this time last year – equating to a near nine year high. Just one in six (17%) are more upbeat.”

Despite more optimistic results from respondents aged under 35yrs with 1 in 3 expecting to be ‘better off this time next year’ the  report shows over 2 in 5 (43%) overall fear they will be less well-off over the next 12 months.

18% of participants said they feel that any possible pay increase will not cover inflation, while 43% said they did not expect to receive any pay rise at all.

61% felt they were ‘just keeping their heads above the water’ financially with 53% revealing they feel their finances “control their lives”.

The research cited was conducted in January and April 2022 among nationally representative samples of 1,001 and 1,002 adults respectively  aged 18+ in the Republic of Ireland.

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