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Spanish truckers go on strike amid rising fuel costs

Three more major Spanish trucking unions have gone on strike amid soaring fuel prices, further exacerbating the country’s food shortage. 

The strike, which began over a week ago, is in protest to rising fuel prices and participants are urging financial assistance from the government.

The protest group, the Platform for the Defence of Transport, is demanding lower taxes on fuel and less regulation in the face of “total bankruptcy.”

While an aid package of €500 million has been offered by the state, protesters have rejected it as insufficient to cover the skyrocketing prices of diesel. Additionally, protesters say the government has not outlined how the package will be implemented or allocated.

The strike has led to a shortage of numerous food products in shops the length and breadth of the country, including dairy and eggs. Additionally, production of certain goods like Heineken and Volswagon cars may have to he curtailed as key raw materials to make them are unavailable.

It is reported that in some areas, as many as 60% of drivers have gone on strike, causing a major supply chain crisis.

“We have stopped working because we cannot keep losing money,” said Manuel Hernandez, president of the Platform for the Defence of the Transport Sector.

“But we’ve reached a point where you can already see there are supply shortages; factories and big companies are being forced to close because they have run out of supplies. Now we can see the effects of this strike.”

Between rising inflation, which stands at 7.6% in Spain, high taxes on fuel, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the European energy supply has been sent into a tailspin, with consumers feeling the increased prices at the pumps.

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