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Spanish opposition party calls for referendum on immigration

Spain’s conservative opposition party, Vox España, has said that it will be pursuing a national referendum on immigration.

MEP Jorge Buxadé, who is vice president of the party, announced over the weekend that the party would be calling for a referendum on the subject, invoking article 92 of the Spanish constitution. This article reads that:

“Political decisions of special importance may be submitted to all citizens in a consultative referendum.”

“Spaniards must say what is the model of immigration control we want,” said Buxadé said, adding that “the elites already know that they want illegal, massive and uncontrolled immigration.”

“This illegal immigration then turns into violence, insecurity and crimes in the streets of Stockholm, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona or Ceuta and in recent days we have stabbings of young people in Tarragona and Seville, massive brawls in the Gran Vía of Valencia, in Lavapiés…All of Spain is already devoured by insecurity and violence,” he said.

He also added that “all the routes of illegal immigration” to Europe are “open, from Cyprus to the Canary Islands.”

The MEP also called for Spain’s Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to resign. Justifying the call, the Vox politician cited the government minister’s alleged mishandling of an incident in the Spanish-controlled North African city of Melilla earlier in the year.

Back in June, thousands of individuals from sub-Saharan Africa tried to scale the fence into the Spanish enclave, leading to clashes between the police and migrants, and ultimately culminating in a stampede.

This charge led to a minimum of 37 people dying in the crush, with 50 more being injured (33 of which were hospitalised). The exact circumstances of the incident are still being investigated.

However, while Buxadé slammed the Interior Minister, he defended the police, who have been criticised for their role in the event.

“Vox is not going to participate in acts that call into question the good work of the Civil Guard and the National Police,” he said.

“On the contrary, we demand more legal, material and personal support so that they can carry out the function that has been entrusted to them, which is to defend our borders and our freedom.”

He said that the Civil Guard have the “full support” of Vox.

“We always defend the actions of the Civil Guard, which acts without sufficient personal or material means and, in addition, suffers subsequent media harassment because there are always media that blame it…Marlaska has left our security forces helpless,” the MEP added.




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