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“Sinn Féin lost their voice”: Farmers slam silence on green targets

The Independent Farmers Organisation (IFO) has criticised Sinn Féin, saying that the party has “lost its voice” on the issue of climate targets for agriculture.

The comments come after the government announced that it would be aiming to cut carbon emissions in the farming sector by 25% – a development which has caused shockwaves throughout much of rural Ireland.

“It is most unfortunate, but noteworthy nonetheless, that Sinn Féin, the main opposition party, appear to have lost its voice at what is a crucial moment for Irish agriculture and rural communities,” the group said, according to

The group went on to describe the 25% target as “the most important decision in the history of Irish agriculture,” and said it would represent a “death knell” for Ireland’s agri industry and “the family-farm model.”

They claimed that it was unfair for the government to saddle farmers with a “disproportionate burden,” while “true emitters,” such as those in heavy industry, electricity generation, aviation and transport” were comparatively let off the hook.

They also warned against leaving food production in the hands of a “small group of billionaires” as regards global food security.

“Leaving the production of food in the hands of a very small group of billionaires will leave the worlds population in a most perilous situation,” the group said.

Earlier this year Gript interviewed Irish Farming Association head Tim Cullinane, who warned that green policies could lead to food shortages.

IFA president: Green policies “could lead to food shortages”

“We have to be very very careful here,” he said.

“Because what’s happening as well is, obviously the world population is increasing, and we’re going to need more food. So the government needs to be very, very careful here, or this could lead to food shortages right across the world.”

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