Shocking rise and shift in profile of people applying for ‘assisted suicide’ in Canada

Assisted suicide accounts for 5% of deaths in some provinces

Canada is seeing a rise in the numbers of people seeking to end their lives by means of so called ‘assisted suicide’.

Euthanasia – the deliberate ending of someone’s life by medical intervention – is often portrayed as a compassionate act intended to end the suffering of an elderly person who is close to natural death. 

As the following details reveal, more and more younger people are seeking to end their lives in this way. 

23 year old ​​Kiano Vafaeian is one of the many people who would otherwise have years to live who applied to end his own life – unbeknownst to his mother. 

A shocking report carried by Common Sense reveals that,

In 2017, the first full year in which MAiD, which is administered by provincial governments, was in operation, 2,838 people opted for assisted suicide, according to a government report. By 2021, that figure had jumped to 10,064—accounting for more than 3 percent of all deaths in Canada that year.”

MAiD – or ‘medical assistance in dying’ – is the acronym used to promote Canada’s own brand of euthanasia.  

Kiano was suffering from diabetes and had lost sight in one eye. The report says that he had given his sister access to his email account so she could help him with it. 

Some time later, Kiano’s mother, 46 year old ​​Margaret Marsilla, asked her daughter to look through Kiano’s emails. Her son was suffering from depression at the time and she was worried about him. 

It was discovered that Kiano was in communication with a MAiD doctor and had scheduled an appointment for his own death. 

Shockingly the report states that in some Canadian provinces “nearly 5 percent of deaths are MAiD deaths”. 

Over the last few years the conditions that need to be met to avail of assisted dying have been broadened to include cases where patients can show they are dealing with a condition that was “intolerable to them” and that this could not “be relieved under conditions that they consider acceptable.”

The report details the rise in younger individuals applying for MAiD.

“There have been a total of 31,664 MAiD deaths and the large majority of those people were 65 to 80 when they died. In 2017, only 34 MAiD deaths were in the 18- to 45-year-old category. In 2018, that figure rose to at least 49. In 2019, it was 103; in 2020,118; and in 2021, 139.” it says. 

The emails sent between Kiano and a doctor called Joshua Tepper reveal the details of the plan to end the 23 year old’s life. 

“I am confirming the following timing: Please arrive at 8:30 am. I will ask for the nurse at 8:45 am and I will start the procedure at around 9:00 am. Procedure will be completed a few minutes after it starts.”

The report states that the “procedure entailed administering two drugs.” The first of which is “a coma-inducing agent” followed by “a neuromuscular blocker” intended to stop Kiano’s breathing.

With this the young man would be dead in five to ten minutes.  

Kiano’s mother decided to contact Tepper, posing as someone hoping to end their lives. She was told, “You have to be over 18. You have to have an OHIP card.” This refers to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

“You have to have suffering that cannot be remediated or treated in some way that’s acceptable to you.” Tepper added. 

He went on to offer her a personalised assessment that he indicated would be done over video chat saying, “We do them remotely, often by video of some type: WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime, something like that.” 

Last month Ontario City News reported on the case of Amir Farsoud. 

Farsoud lives with chronic pain due to a back injury and is dependent on medication. He applied for assisted dying through MAiD because he can not find affordable accommodation as his current rental is up for sale. He says that because of his medical condition “homelessness is not an option” for him. 

“I don’t want to die but I don’t want to be homeless more than I don’t want to die,” he said adding,

“I know, in my present health condition, I wouldn’t survive it anyway. It wouldn’t be at all dignified waiting, so if that becomes my two options, it’s pretty much a no-brainer,”. 

Farsoud indicated that if housing was not an option he would not be considering ending his own life at this point. 



Canada is not alone in the wave of people seeking to end their lives through euthanasia. In 2020 the Australian state of Victoria reported more than ten times the numbers of predicted assisted suicide numbers. 

The Catholic Weekly had reported, “The Catholic Weekly reported. “Half of those who applied for lethal drugs made their final request for euthanasia less than three weeks after they first requested it,”

It continues, “67 deaths in those six months, bringing the total deaths by legal assisted suicide in the state in the scheme’s first year to 124 with a total of 231 permits issued.”

The report says there were “97 instances of lethal drugs being dispensed, bringing the total for the first year to 154. A quarter of the people who died saw just 11 days pass from their application until death.”

In Canada 65 year old Les Landry, said that “MAiD is the new society safety net.” In the Common Sense report, Landry said he was living off state benefits and that there was a “There’s a tipping point where you can’t afford to live”. 

At the time of the report “in the middle of filling out his MAiD application.”

The story of a 21 year old engineering student named Victoria is also featured. 

Victoria  “suffered from epilepsy—including frequent seizures—and she had anemia, and she was getting three or four iron infusions intravenously every week. She also took care of her mother, Joan, 53, who was battling ovarian cancer and had been confined to a wheelchair by Guillain-Barré syndrome, a neuromuscular disease.”

It continues that Victoria, having looked at the family budget, had come to the conclusion that she didn’t think that herself and her mother Joan could afford to go on .  

“I don’t think we can survive.” she said adding, “We have to apply for MAiD.”




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