Serial Rapist who changed name to “Charlene” seeks transfer to women’s prison

A serial rapist in Scotland who says he changed his name to Charlene is reportedly seeking to be transferred to a women’s prison. 

The Scottish Sun reported that a prison insider said the man, who has been described as a ‘monster’,  “told jail bosses he now wants to be called Charlene and has been bragging to fellow lags that he will be in a women’s nick by Easter.”

The insider also reportedly said that they didn’t think the bid would be successful because of legislation to prevent those subject to a sexual harm prevention order or sexual offenses prevention applying for a  gender recognition certificate. 



Jonathon Mallon, 40 who has a history of sexually assaulting women in toilets and changing rooms was sentenced to life in prison in 2014 after he was convicted of raping five women over a 14 year period. He was also convicted of sexually abusing a sixth woman during the same hearing. 

During the lengthy case, which was heard by the Glasgow High Court,  Mallon then 32, shouted “I hope you are f****** happy now.”,  at one of his victims, a 26 year old woman, as he was led away by police. 

All of Mallon’s victims, one of whom he forced to have sex with another man, were described as “vulnerable”. 

Last December Scottish MPs ratified the Gender Recognition Act meaning that anyone over the age of 16 can legally change their gender by the signing of a document.

The Bill was backed by LGBT interest groups, the social democrat party, and greens in a bid to de-medicalise the transition process. 

This means that anyone who completes the legal process of ‘changing gender’ can self identify which led to concerns that male sex offenders would take advantage of the legislation in order to request transfer to women’s prisons. 

At the passing of the Bill Scottish Conservative equalities spokeswoman Rachael Hamilton said,  “The majority of Scots – let alone the women’s groups who campaigned vociferously against it – will be dismayed that this flawed and potentially dangerous bill has been passed by a majority of SNP and Labour MSPs.”

She continued, “We all support improving the experience for trans people but that should never come at the expense of the safety of women and girls, and their hard-won rights.” 

British PM Rishi Sunak expressed concerns about the implications of the Bill saying “Obviously this is a very sensitive area and I know there were very robust debates and exchanges on it as the bill was passing in Scotland,”. 

He added, “There may be impacts across the UK that we need to be aware of and understand the impact of them, and that’s what we’re doing, and once the government has received final advice it will set out next steps.” 


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