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Scotland: In October, 88% of Covid-related deaths were fully or partly vaccinated 

The latest available official Public Health data has revealed that fully or partly vaccinated people accounted for 77% of hospitalisations with Covid in the past month, whilst the fully or partly vaccinated population also accounted for 88%  of Covid-related deaths in the past four weeks.

It should also be noted that some 72% of all those eligible are vaccinated in Scotland – and that this will impact the data.

64% of alleged Covid-19 cases from 2 October to 29 October were amongst the vaccinated – and the trend appears to be growing.

The Covid-19 Statistical Report is a weekly report on available Covid-19 data published by Public Health Scotland. The latest update, published on 3 November, confirms the numbers.

Table 18 of the report (page 37) looks at the number of Covid-19 positive cases by week and vaccination status from 2 October through to 29 October. The findings confirm that the majority of Covid-19 cases were among the fully vaccinated population in the week beginning 23 October, with those fully vaccinated accounting for 11,416 cases. The table shows that the non-vaccinated population accounted for less than half that amount, recording 5,655 cases.

The table reveals that the proportion of vaccinated people as a total of those testing positive for Covid-19 continued to rise during the month.

The figures indicate that the partly or fully vaccinated population accounted for 64% cent of Covid-19 cases during this timeframe, whilst the non-vaccinated population accounted for 36%.

Table 19 of the report  (page 43) displays the “age-standardised rate of acute hospital admissions where an individual had a COVID-19 positive PCR test up to 14 days prior, on admission, or during their stay in hospital, by week and vaccination status, 02 October 2021 to 29 October 2021”.

The table shows that the majority of Covid-19 hospitalisations were amongst the fully vaccinated population in the week beginning 23 October 2021, accounting for 439 hospitalisations. In contrast, the non-vaccinated population made up less than a third of the total, recording 142 hospitalisations.

Table 19 confirms the total number of hospitalisations based on vaccination status for all age groups between 2 October and 29 October 2021. The table evidences the below


  • Fully vaccinated: 1731
    Partly vaccinated (one dose of a vaccine): 75
    Non-vaccinated population: 552

This means that the fully or partly vaccinated population made up 77 % of Covid-19 hospitalisations between 2 October and 29 October 2021, whilst those who were not vaccinated accounted for just 23% of hospitalisations over this time period.

In the notes accompanying table 19, Public Health Scotland argue in favour of the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The National Public Health Body for Scotland writes that: “Findings from a Scottish study, show that people who have received two doses of COVID19 vaccine are far better protected against death from the virus than those who are unvaccinated. However, there are certain characteristics which can make people more vulnerable, including being aged 80 or over, having multiple underlying health conditions,and being male. Results show that adults aged 18-64 who are double vaccinated have almost four times increased protection against dying from COVID-19 compared to those who are unvaccinated.”

They cite a Scottish study from The Lancet which argues that vaccines are highly effective in preventing hospitalisations and death. The study simultaneously acknowledges that “COVID-19 related deaths in fully vaccinated individuals have, however, been reported.”



Table 20 of the report confirms that the majority of Covid-19 deaths were among the fully vaccinated population in the week beginning October 16th 2021, accounting for 114 deaths. The not-vaccinated population accounted for just 8 Covid-19 deaths, over 14 times less.

While the table shows that some 88% of all Covid deaths in October were amongst the fully or partly vaccinated, it also shows that trend seeming to be accelerating. For the last week under observation, just 6% of all deaths were amongst those who had not received the Covid-19 vaccination.

In table 20 in the PHS report (page 47) the total number of alleged Covid-19 deaths by vaccination status between 25 September and 22 October 2021 is displayed. The table confirms the following:

  • Fully vaccinated population: 454 deaths
  • Party vaccinated population (one dose of a vaccine): 12 deaths
  • Not-vaccinated population: 64 deaths

In the accompanying notes beneath table 20, however, Public Health Scotland state that, when age is taken into account, mortality rates for Covid-19 deaths are “similar” for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

“In the last week, age-standardised mortality rates for COVID-19 deaths are similar for people who have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine compared to individuals that are unvaccinated or have received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, however the confidence intervals for the unvaccinated age-standardised mortality rates are wide. In the last week, the mean age of unvaccinated individuals with a confirmed COVID-19 related death was 71.5 years old, whereas the mean age of individuals that received 2 doses of vaccine and had a confirmed COVID-19 related death was 77.5 years old.”

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