Ruth Coppinger attributes blame to critics of gender ideology in murder of British teen

In the aftermath of the murder of British teenager, Brianna Ghey, Socialist Party member Ruth Coppinger took to Twitter to lay blame for the murder at the hands of those critical of gender ideology. 

The body of the teenager, a biological male who was living as a ‘trans girl’, was found in ​​Linear Park in Culcheth, Warrington, Cheshire last Saturday, 

A boy and a girl, both reported to be aged 15, were arrested in connection with the murder of the 16 year old. 

Deputy Chief Superintendent Mike Evans said that enquiries were being made to establish the “exact circumstances” of the teen’s tragic death and that “At this time, there is no evidence to suggest that the circumstances surrounding Brianna’s death are hate related,”.  

Despite widespread reporting of police statements that there is currently “no evidence” that the teenager’s death was a ‘hate crime’ or motivated by the victim’s trans identity, Coppinger posted on Twitter saying;

“Anyone involved in stirring up #transphobia and hatred needs to take a long hard look at themselves when a young trans girl, aged 16, can be murdered like this. So called gender critical feminists included.”



Coppinger retweeted a message from socialist feminist group, Rosa, which claimed that, “Everyone who continues to perpetrate and spread absolute lies” about trans people was “culpable” in the murder. 

The post continued claiming that “Every single interview, article, or debate, where cis people discuss their horrific opinion that trans folk don’t deserve rights is culpable in the violence towards them.” 

The post also claimed that when “transphobia” isn’t “called out” that “people die”.



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