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RTÉ’s newest “hilarious” joke: accusing God of raping Mary

In their wonderfully tolerant and egalitarian fashion, RTÉ, the Irish State broadcaster, apparently thought it would be hilarious to air a “comedy” segment accusing the Christian God of being a rapist who forces himself on “young girls.”

The Waterford Whispers segment, which aired on the night of New Year’s Eve on RTE One’s “NYE Countdown Show”, featured a variety of parody news stories, including one in which God is arrested by police for raping and forcibly impregnating the Virgin Mary against her will.

“In a shocking revalation this year, God became the latest figure to be implicated in ongoing sexual harassment scandals,” the faux-newscaster read.

“The 5 billion-year-old stood accused of forcing himself on a young middle-eastern migrant and impregnating her against her will, before being sentenced to two years in prison, with the last 24 months suspended.”

In the video, a man with a white robe and beard can be seen being dragged away by Gardaí while screaming “It was 2,000 years ago!”

Now, let’s put aside for a moment how profoundly unfunny this is from a purely comedic perspective, even taking emotion out of it. It’s a well established fact that you’d be more likely come across something humorous in a morgue than anything that passes for so-called “comedy” on RTÉ. In fact, even saying the words “Comedy on RTÉ” is an oxymoron. The words don’t go together grammatically in the English language.

What’s more, it’s a wonder why feminists groups haven’t already started howling about how the biggest State-funded media outlet in the country saw fit to air a joke about rape and sexual abuse of young migrant girls, especially in a country where sex crimes are reaching record highs on an annual basis.

You’d think a story like that would be right up their alley – and yet, crickets. I guess their hatred for Christianity outweighs their love for protecting the sensitivities of rape victims.

Let’s also ignore the fact that the “joke” doesn’t even have a kernel of theological truth to it – as Mary herself says in Luke 1:38 when she’s asked to be the mother of Jesus:

“Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; may it be done to me according to your word.”

As in, she fully consented to the union. So not only is it unfunny and grossly offensive to Christians and abuse victims alike; it’s not even remotely close to true. But really, all that is besides the point.

The real issue here is that RTÉ, while happy to make disgusting and inappropriate so-called “jokes” about the Christian faith, are the same people who would come down on you or I like a tonne of politically-correct bricks if we dared to slag, for example, Islam.

Despite preaching equality and tolerance, the secular elitist media are happy to use Christians and the Christian faith as a punching bag and an “oh-so-funny” comedic punchline when it suits them. But we all know that they wouldn’t dare to touch a joke about Muhammad or Jewish people with a barge pole. In fact, they’d attack you and drag you over the coals as a “bigot” if you decided to joke about another faith and they caught wind of it. It’s only followers of Jesus Christ who it’s OK to demonise and ridicule.

How do we know that they have this double standard, you may ask? Easy – just look at this 2018 RTÉ article entitled “Boris Johnson and the reality of anti-Muslim racism”.

In the thousand word-long opinion piece, the author writing for RTÉ blasts “Islamophobia” in Ireland and the UK, castigating Boris Johnson for jokes he made about burka’d women looking like “letter boxes” and “bank robbers”. These comments mocking a religion’s style of dress were condemned as utterly unacceptable in the piece, and the article even argues that language like Johnson’s can lead to anti-Muslim hate crimes, saying:

“The use of such terms not only dehumanises Muslim women, but also serve to legitimise the actions of would-be assailants. Recent reports of anti-Muslim hostility in the UK directly reference Johnson’s comments with those targeted being referred to as “letter boxes”.”

So apparently, according to RTÉ, ridiculing and demonizing a religion can lead to hate and disdain towards its adherents in society, and such behaviour should be condemned utterly – unless the target is a Christian, apparently, in which case it’s open season to call their God a rapist of young girls as a hilarious gag.

To make matters worse, this was aired the night of New Year’s Eve, coming into January 1st, which, in the Catholic liturgical calendar, is the Feast of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. The first day of every year is a day that Catholics (who are the biggest religious group by far in this country) dedicate themselves to venerating the Virgin Mary as a saint – and yet this is the day that RTÉ chose to air a comedy show insinuating that God had raped her.

Again, can you even for one moment imagine RTÉ airing a heinous joke mocking Hindus during one of their holy festivals? Or cracking jokes about Jews during the Passover? The entire country would be in uproar, and rightly so – “How dare the State-broadcaster target and single out this one religious group for mockery?” Every media outlet, politician and NGO would be on the case in a flash. And yet, when the faith that happens to be in the crosshairs is Christianity, we’re to believe it’s totally fine and “just a joke”.

At a time when Mass is banned for months, and Christians are deprived of any sense of spiritual solace, it’s apparently a big goof and a laugh to twist the knife when things are at their hardest.

These types of people will promote “hate speech” laws out of one side of their mouth to prevent “intolerance”, and then behave in the most intolerant and bigoted way possible themselves.

If you are a Christian taxpayer in this country, you should ask yourself one simple question: “Why am I paying my hard-earned money every year to have my God insulted on TV by smug liberal arseholes?” Pardon my language, but it’s the only word that aptly describes them.

If RTÉ was a private company, like Virgin Media, the joke would still be grossly distasteful, but at least in that case you would have the option to just change the channel and deprive them of your participation. Not so in this case – this crowd literally take money that TV-owners are forced to give them by law, and then use that cash to mock beliefs which Christians hold dear, whether you watch their content or not. In fact, statistically, Christians are clearly the biggest funders of RTÉ – in the last census over 85% of people in Ireland self-identified as some denomination of Christian, be they Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox. The vast majority of people who pay RTÉ salaries are self-described believers in Jesus Christ. Yet this organisation is happy to spit in all of those people’s faces by ridiculing their most cherished beliefs in the most depraved way imaginable. People of faith (and all other groups in Ireland) are having their pockets rifled through for the privilege of owning a TV, only so that pretentious posh eejits on telly can pump blasphemous garbage into our homes and wider society at our expense.

If you needed yet another reason to support defunding the worthless outlet that is RTÉ, now you have one. No wonder they’re dying financially.

If you ask me, this State-sponsored propaganda outlet cannot go bankrupt fast enough.

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