“Release him straight away” protest Held Outside school of Enoch Burke


A protest was held outside Wilson’s Hospital School in county Westmeath today as around 30 people gathered to express their opposition to the ongoing incarceration of school teacher Enoch Burke.

Those gathered expressed their concern for what one man, David O’Reilly called a ‘dangerous precedent for freedom of speech’. 

“We’re here to stand with someone who’s standing for his beliefs,” he said. 

He continued that the issue has “raised an alarm” in relation to a “cultural revolution going on in Ireland against our values and cultural heritage”. 

Adding that what ‘should happen is that if somebody comes up with the argument that to another person may seem ridiculous like: a man can be a woman, one person should be able to say ‘well I don’t agree with that, that seems like nonsense to me. And in this context he (Burke) is not being allowed to do that’. 

‘We all have an inalienable right not to be forced to say things and to speak freely and contest issues’, he added. 

‘This isn’t just a debate, it’s a free speech issue – why does the school go and choose to seek a court injunction rather than just sort it out amongst themselves’. 

When asked if Burke was right to keep attending the school after his suspension O’Reilly said it “was a huge act of courage on his part” to do so. 

‘He knew, I imagine, what he was doing and what he was taking on when he did that. He took on the injustice of the whole state entering into the religious and spiritual world and imposing it’s will on free people’. 

Another protestor, Brian Nugent, said he thought that “taking people who are well below the full age of reason and castrating them and giving them hormone injections” was “tantamount to child abuse.” 

I think it’s very good to stand up against the whole idea and I think that to insist that a teacher use the word ‘they’ about a single person is a form of anti-education”


“A teacher can’t possibly go along with all that” he said, adding that it “seems like Enoch is the only teacher standing against all that and I think we should support him”. 

David Larkin described the possible implications of Burke’s case as “huge” saying that “a lot of people don’t realize that in five years time the prison is going to be full of Enoch Burke’s because a lot of people are not going to go along with what they believe os fantasy” 

“For millennia in 99% of cases humans have been able to tell what a man or a woman is just by looking at them”. 

He continued that although there were a “tiny number” of transexual people they were being treated like they are “almost a majority” in terms if how much focus is given to transgender issues. 

He said ‘a fantasy was being forced upon not only teachers like Enoch Burke, but upon the whole nation and we’re here to oppose it’. 

The protestors vowed to keep demonstrating until Burke is released from prison.



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