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Prof. Luke O’Neill ‘never advocated’ masks for kids 

Footage has emerged of Professor Luke O’Neil vehemently denying he agreed with face masks being worn by school children during the pandemic. 

In the video published via twitter by The Irish Inquiry O’Neill can be heard  in conversation with a woman saying, 

“I never advocated for masks for kids. Never” adding, “I advocated for masks for adults” 

The woman then says that it was also damaging for teachers to wear facemasks to which O’Neill answered saying he ‘agreed’. 

He went on to say “When I’m on the new advisory group I’ll advocate against masks certainly for primary school kids”. He said masks for kids were a “negative thing” while agreeing with the woman’s assertion that they were ‘damaging’. 

He added that the masks had psychological effects. 

Last August in an article entitled ‘‘Masks should be worn by primary school children says Professor Luke O’Neill”, quoted O’Neill as saying: ‘“If it was 30pc effective in primary school kids you would do it, as that would have a significant impact,”.

The quote continues, “It’s a surprise to me [that they aren’t being worn], but it’s tricky for teachers, no more than parents, to impose it on that age group. But still, I would say please wear masks in primary schools because they know that masks work,”. headline from August 2021

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