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Poll: 65% want masks in shops even after vaccinations

According to the latest Irish Times/IPSOS MRBI poll, a large majority of people want mandatory masks in shops to remain even after most people are vaccinated against covid-19.

The poll, which was conducted song 1,200 adults across all electoral constituencies nationwide, asked respondents to choose which of two statements was closest to their view. Then the following options were presented to people:

Once most people are vaccinated, life should return to the way it was before covid.
Even when most people are vaccinated, some precautions should remain in place, such as wearing masks in shops.
Don’t know/no opinion.

Of these options, 32% said life should return to normal. 65% said mask wearing should remain even after vaccinations, and 3% said they were unsure.

However, a clear majority of respondents said that the government should re-open the economy as quickly as possible, while only 46% said that the economy should open slower. 4% said they weren’t sure.

Reportedly, younger people are much more supportive of re-opening, with 61% of those under 35 saying society should “fully re-open as quickly as possible.” Only 34% of those under 35 want society to open at “a much slower pace.”

These figures are almost the inverse for the older over 65 cohort – 62% of these want society to open much slower, while 35% want society to open “as quickly as possible.”

According to the poll, urban voters and wealthier individuals are more supportive of a quick re-opening than others.

When asked “Are you looking forward to socialising this summer?”, 67% of voters said they were, with only 30% saying they were “anxious” about socialising. 3% said they didn’t know.

A huge majority of 78% of individuals said they had no plans to travel abroad this summer for holidays, with only 14% saying they did have plans. 8% said they were unsure.

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