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Polish Supreme Court evacuated after bomb threat amid mortgage dispute

According to Polish State-run media, around 40 locations around the capital city of Warsaw, including the Supreme Court and its offices, have been evacuated due to a bomb threat as the court prepared to make a decision on a major mortgage dispute.

The court was about to rule on how banks should settle with clients who had taken out mortgages in foreign currencies. In the 2000s, many thousands of Poles took out mortgages in foreign currencies – mainly Swiss francs – to take advantage of lower interest rates. However, after Poland’s native currency, the zloty, slumped in value, they faced significantly higher costs than they had intended.

As a result, many Poles have taken the banks to court.

Before a decision could be reached, Polish media has reported that employees at the National Council of the Judiciary had to flee the building. Earlier in a statement, the court press office said that it had received an email saying an explosive had been planted in the building.

“There is a bomb in your building, it will explode exactly at midday you are all going to eat dirt for what you did to me,” read the email, from an individual going by the name “Kamil Razzputin.”

Police could not be reached for comment on the incident.

The ruling had been postponed twice before, and will determine how courts should treat foreign currency loan cases.

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