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Poland: No plans to leave the EU, but we must remain sovereign

The leader of the Polish government party has said that while Poland has no plans to leave the EU, it must retain its national sovereignty as an independent state within the bloc.

Jaroslaw Kaczyński, leader of the ruling conservative “Law and Justice” party in Poland, told Polish news outlet PAP that his party had no intention of leaving the 27 nation bloc.

“There will be no Polexit,” he said.

“It´s a propaganda invention that has been used many times against us.”

Notably, support for the EU is quite high in Poland, partially because the relatively poor eastern european country is a net beneficiary of the EU budget.

“We unequivocally see the future of Poland in the European Union,” Kaczyński added.

“We want to be in the (European) Union, but at the same time we want to remain a sovereign state. We want what was agreed in the treaties to be very strictly observed.”

One minister previously said that any assertion that the government wanted to remove Poland from the government was merely the “propaganda of liberals.”

Poland and the EU have found themselves at odds in recent years, most recently over a series of Polish judicial reforms.

The government claims that Poland has a “deeply flawed judicial structure” which was inherited from the former Communist regime, with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki adding that “No democratic nation can accept having any branch of government independent of checks, balances, and public accountability.”

The government had previously moved to establish a disciplinary chamber, which they said was to sanction judges if they engage in political activity, and to maintain the impartiality of the courts. However, the EU argues that this move is the government attempting to seize control of the judiciary, and has been severely pressuring Poland because of it, threatening fines.

According to the Poles, the EU has “no competence to interfere in the judicial system of Poland”, and its actions “violated the [European] treaties and the Polish constitution,” Polish deputy justice minister Sebastian Kaleta told Breitbart London.

“We see double standards in the treatment of Poland,” Kaleta said.

“The main charge against our reforms of the judiciary is that they politicise the system, but our system is the same as it is in Spain. Spain isn’t under any proceedings. This is about politics, because Poland is the country with the strongest conservative government in the EU which stands for Christian values.”

Ryszard Terlecki, the Law and Justice party’s deputy leader, said that if the EU continues to pressure Poland, “we will have to search for drastic solutions.”

“The British showed that the dictatorship of the Brussels bureaucracy did not suit them and turned around and left,” he said.

Marek Suski, another leading politician, referred to the EU as a “Brussels occupier,” vowing to oppose the bloc’s actions as Poland had the Nazis and Soviets in the past.

“Brussels sends us overlords who are supposed to bring Poland to order, to put us on our knees, so that we might be a German state, and not a proud state of free Poles,” he said.


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