You Can Cook Too 14 – Peperonata

Patricia shows you how to make peperonata, a vegatarian Italian dish that serves 6-8 as a side dish.

She pairs it with Allegri’s Miserere, which was considered so sacred transcription of it was banned by the Pope. Yet another thing ruined by Mozart.

1 onion sliced

2 red peppers

2 green peppers

6 large ripe tomatoes peeled and chopped

Clove garlic crushed

1 tabsps. oil

Few leaves fresh basil or dried mixed herbs

Salt, black pepper and sugar to taste

Heat the oil and add garlic and dried herbs. After a few seconds add the onion and when softened add the peppers cut into strips. Coat with oil and continue to cook. Then add the tomatoes and season. Cook for about 30 mins. It may seem that there isn’t very much liquid but it develops with cooking.

I do this in a covered pan/casserole and remove lid if there is too much liquid, as cooking progresses.

Great for vegetarians with grated cheese scattered over it.

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