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PODCAST: Kimberly Hermann on the restrictions to personal rights from the Biden Administration

PODCAST: John Aidan Byrne interviews Kimberly Hermann on the FIRST AMENDMENT and 5 ways the Biden Administration will infringe on your personal freedoms & rights. Kimberly Hermann is General Counsel, Southeastern Legal Foundation




Kimberly Hermann pulls no punches no matter what. The pro-liberty advocate is general counsel, Southeastern Legal Foundation, a non-profit public interest constitutional law firm that advocates for individual liberty, free speech, economic freedom and the rule of law. In a penetrating opinion piece recently on five ‘ways’ Americans could see their First Amendment rights radically challenged during the Biden Administration, she wrote: “One word, five letters: ‘unity.’ It is the left’s new mantra. How do we know? Because the mainstream media can’t stop praising and echoing President Joe Biden’s inaugural calls for unity. But a word is simply a word.”

“The actions of the left over the years have told a different story, a sneaky one,” added Hermann. “One in which they use unity to create a divide. We are 50 states united as one nation under God. In that sense, we can all agree that unity is no doubt a civic virtue we should strive for. But today’s use of the word “unity” is simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and it comes at a cost to conservatives. That cost is your voice, your speech, your constitutional right.”

The Southeastern Legal Foundation is paying close attention to disturbing trends for conservative-minded students on college campuses in America. It’s a trend, however, that cuts a wide swathe across the American population. “If you are a college student, or anyone else for that matter, and you disagree with any policy coming out of the left – for example, on climate change — then you are personally responsible for dividing our country.,” said Hermann. “if you agree [with the left], then  you are very uniting our country.” Added Hermann: “That is not what our country is founded upon.”

In our wide-ranging interview, Hermann spells out how students on college campus, and the American public generally, may find themselves “cancelled” unless they tow the new woke line of thinking. “We’ve had multiple calls from students we’ve worked with, who’ve been physically assaulted, simply because they are standing up for the constitution,” said Hermann.

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