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PODCAST: John Aidan Byrne on Odeon Capital Conversations on the effect of the demographic change on the economy


A Demographic Disaster Unfolding? Research by Dick Bove on Effect of Collapsing Fertility Rates for Economy & Investments. $1.7T Spending Bill Raises Fed Stakes. Japan’s Policy Surprise! FDIC News

The global population hit a record 8 billion in November. By one official estimate, this is projected to rise in the coming decades before finally peaking in 2080 at 10.4 billion people. But in large swathes of the globe today, national populations are already in decline, peaking or barely keeping pace with replacement levels to maintain their existing population sizes. Indeed, the statistics show a major, even distressing, challenge for policy planners and governments as populations age and decline.

DICK BOVE, chief financial strategist at Odeon Capital Group, sees a pending disaster for investments and economies unless the trend is reversed, or appropriate policies, such as sensible immigration laws, are introduced. With a fertility rate at 1.8 per woman in the US, for example, “this country will reach a point whereby it cannot replace its population,” according to Bove. The finances of the US government are simply incapable of handing these demographic changes if they persist, he adds. ┬áBOVE spells out the stark details in this episode. MAT VAN ALSTYNE, Odeon co-founder and managing partner, says the US has a strong suit among the nations of the world, “it is still the land of opportunity” for many prospective immigrants who see America as a shining beacon. Joining the Conversation is JOHN AIDAN BYRNE.


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