PODCAST: John Aidan Byrne on Odeon Capital Conversations on the decline and fall of Silicon Valley Bank


BANKING CRISIS Special: Rise & Fall of SILICON VALLEY BANK, Implosions of SIGNATURE & SILVERGATE Banks. ‘Depositors Lose Faith in Banks,’ says DICK BOVE. Stark Reality of Blanket Deposit Guarantees ODEON CAPITAL CONVERSATIONS


This Special Episode of ODEON CAPITAL CONVERSATIONS examines the series of events that led to the sudden collapse of SILICON VALLEY BANK, ranked America’s 16th largest bank, as well as the demise of SILVERGATE and SIGNATURE banks.

The CONVERSATION will evaluate the impact on the industry, the financial system and on the broader economy. DICK BOVE, chief financial strategist at ODEON CAPITAL CONVERSATIONS, a Wall Street veteran who has covered the banking sector for decades, offers his expert analysis on these latest banking events to rock the financial markets.

MAT VAN ALSTYNE, ODEON co-founder and managing partner, will present his own well-informed take and raises many of the most important questions.

“This was a digital bank run, the likes of which we have never seen, which is why I think the [regulators] had to rescue the banks,” says VAN ALSTYNE. According to BOVE,

“Small depositors may not be the only ones questioning the banks.” He adds: “Investors are clearly questioning the earnings numbers and returns being posted by the banks. For example, bankers have been using stock buy-backs to bolster earnings per share results at a faster rate than the grown in actual net income.”

Joining the CONVERSATION, our host JOHN AIDAN BYRNE reprises some of the key developments.

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