Pearse Street migrant camp a reminder of the disaterous CHAZ/CHOP chaos experiment

Anyone looking at what recently occurred in Pearse Street and the attempted establishment of a pop-up autonomous zoneby the far-left  (all with the complete moral support of the establishment parties and media) might have noticed the similarities between it and the infamous CHAZ/CHOP experiment in Seattle.

CHAZ (Capital Hill Autonomous Zone) was section of the city of Seattle illegally occupied by a mix of the usual anarcho-terrorists lefties of Antifa and assorted IDPOL Marxist rage mobs in June 2020, and had the full approval of the lefty liberal elite.

The “progressive” mayor of Seattle at the time, Jenny Durkan, described this lawless chaos “the summer of love”.  The “Summer of Love” quickly descended into a murder and rape fest under the thuggish rule of a self appointed warlord named Raz Simone.

Simone was a local degenerate who ran this summer of love enclave as his own personal fiefdom; setting up rule of martial law, patrolled with gun-toting commisars, a tax system and borders – three of the chief things which the resident lefties claimed they were there to resist – in next to no time.

The first thing you notice about these progressive “cause celebres” is that they often valorise violent thugs and give them a political permission slip for terrorism and intimidation – all in the name of social justice.

The other thing you notice about them is that they are supported and enabled by credentialed progressive elites. It is not a coincidence that the attempt to foist a Dublin version of CHAZ on working class people was being made, not by people who live in the area, but by pampered pinko social justice warriors.

Instead of the love which the sponsoring liberals who pumped sponsoring cash into this experiment in chaos desired, what the utopianists of CHAZ/CHOP got was murder and rape.  Records show that within less than one month there were two murders (Lorenzo Anderson Jr., 19, and Antonio Mays Jr., 16) a further four shootings, and a staggering rise in violent crime of 525%.  

The Summer of Love indeed.

One of the thing that made CHAZ stand out was how quickly it was taken over by Raz Simone, the type of local thug who thrives in such an atmosphere of unconstrained libertine lawlessness. The summer of love actually materialised as a month of excess, abuse, and pain.

CHAZ/CHOP was enabled and funded by neoliberal corporate leftist yuppies – the type who see their jobs and positions primarily as a means for activism – and by ensconced elites: activists politicians who use lawfare and policy to advance their programs of social engineering but who are always very happy to fund the destruction of poor neighbourhoods.

They will send their resources to experiments like CHAZ and Sandwith Street for the establishment of a neo-utopia, but would never countenance the same utopian experiment visited on their own upmarket communities.  In San Francisco they say “crime don’t climb”, meaning that the crime-promoting effects of liberal policies remain in the valleys where the poor and middle class live, and does not act out in the gated communities where the uber-lefty Hollywood elites live. They are insulated from the effects of their own policies.

This, on a smaller scale, is analogous to what happened in Pearse Street.

It has been sagely pointed out by my colleague Matt Tracey that the “retro fantasy republican re-enactment groups” who descended on Pearse Street would, not for a second, tolerate this squalor and human waste in their own upmarket neighbourhoods in Dundrum and Clontarf.

The Antifa/PBP types who descended on inner city communities to declare that “refugees are welcome here” don’t actually live in the “here” they are talking about. And when they mindlessly chant “fascist scum off our street(s)” they don’t actually live on the street they are talking about. The “fascist scum” they are talking about are the ones who live on that street.

In a twist of irony, when the Gardaí intervened on a darkening mood and provided a protective corridor for the lefties to leave Sandwith Street, they moved, en masse, in through the gates of Trinity College. Trinners; the natural habitat of the pampered and conceited Irish leftie, and font of most of their dysfunctional ideology.

The other similarity between Pearse street and the CHAZ/CHOP situation is the leftist tactic of including violent actors in confrontations with working class communities. So a man at the camp swings violently at local people with a pole. Yet the locals are condemned. It is no accident. As Saul Alinsky says in Rules for Radicals: push your opponents, “ The real action is in your enemy’s reaction”.

Alinsky’s tactic is as such: The left want the locals to notice the chaos and the potential danger, so that they push back and give the left the excuse of calling them racist. It’s a trick as old as time. They want the local people antagonized. That’s what Pearse St. was all about; goading a response to give their cause sympathy and momentum.

Anarcho-tyranny is a strategy in which law-abiding citizens are subject to the merciless application of law and punishment, and officious regulation, while criminals are allowed do whatever they please and some excuse is always found for their violent behaviour. – they are suffering from a mental health crisis, or they are refugees, or that they are culturally special and just don’t understand our culture so allowances have to be made for them.

The resolution of the Pearse Street situation could easily be had. If all those people who retreated to Trinners after their brave confrontation with the far-roysh of Pearse St – who wanted to have some control over the conditions of their own community – would just be so enthusiastic to welcome the same “refugees” to their trinity dorms or to their own house. They should pick up these tents and bring them back to their own house, or mummy’s house.

I am very sure they would be most welcome. I wait with baited breath, but as the adage of the Hollywood elite goes “Crime don’t climb” not up to Howth and Dalkey or the pleasant foothills of the Dublin mountains, or even to the postcodes where the average house tips 700K. Anarcho-tyranny is the pleasure theory of the elite and it is visited on the law-abiding poor.

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