Less than a quarter of Europeans support the EU “as it has been realised so far,” according to a new Eurobarometer poll.

Eurobarometer, which is the official polling body of the European Commission, released the findings in its Spring 2021 survey.

“Something needs to give,” the report reads.

“50% of Europeans want reforms. A near quarter (23%) support the EU ‘as it has been realised so far’, while 47% ’are in favour, but not the way it has been realised until now’.”

The number of Europeans dissatisfied with the EU in its current form has increased by 3% since the last time this survey was conducted.

Moreover, around 30% of respondents responded with negative views of the EU, with 23% saying they have strong euroscepticism, but could change their opinion if radical reform was introduced. 5% of respondents said they were opposed to the concept of the EU in general.

Only 44% – less than half – of Europeans are satisfied with the solidarity of the EU.

Moreover, less than half of Europeans – 48% – are satisfied with the EU’s handling of the covid-19 crisis. 12% were “not at all satisfied.”

One in three EU citizens are pessimistic about the Union’s future, with only 6% labelling themselves as “very optimistic.”

Ireland ranked as the #1 EU member state most satisfied with the bloc’s handling of democracy, at 77%. The lowest was Greece, at 39%.