ON THIS DAY : 26 AUGUST 1913: Dublin Lock-out began

The Dublin lock-out began led by Jim Larkin. William Martin Murphy dismissed hundreds of workers who he suspected of membership of the ITGWU. William Martin Murphy, a major employer at the time, was chairman of the Dublin United Tramway Company, owned Clery’s department store, and the Imperial Hotel and controlled the Irish Independent, Evening Herald, Irish Catholic newspapers and was a major shareholder in the B&I Line.

The strike lasted until January 1914

The Photo shows a Proclamation issued by E.G. Swifte, Chief Divisional Magistrate of the Dublin Metropolitan Police District (and shareholder in the Dublin United Tramways Company). This was an attempt to stop the huge public meeting that Jim Larkin had called for, planned to take place on Sackville Street on Sunday 31st August.

Larkin publicly burned this proclamation on the day it was issued…


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