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On masks, PBP wants four more weeks to stop the spread

According to People Before Profit’s Bríd Smith, the pandemic is “not over” and we need another 4 weeks of masking to stop the spread.

These lads must be robbing a urology clinic, because they are clearly taking the piss.

The comments were made this week on Virgin Media’s the Tonight Show, when presenter Daniel McConnell made the mistake of saying “the country needs to move on – this pandemic is over.”

“It’s not,” Bríd Smith interjected. “The rate of death has been very high for the last few months.”

When it was put to her that the “emergency phase” of the pandemic is over, she said “But that’s because we’re all highly vaccinated.”

“I got Covid two weeks ago. I was very sick for three days. But I’m a big strong woman and I got over it. But I’m fully vaccinated and boosted. And I know so many people who got it and they’re fully vaccinated and boosted. It’s everywhere. And there are people who are not like me, who are vulnerable, who could easily pick it up.”

Now, step back and think for a moment about utterly remarkable line of reasoning.

According to Bríd, the purpose of masks is to protect vulnerable people from “picking up” Covid. Yet in the same breath, she openly admits that she and many people she knows caught Covid while masking rules were in place.

There are only two possibilities here: either Bríd and everyone she knows was wearing a mask when they caught it, which would mean the masks in question didn’t work. Or they weren’t wearing it, even though it was mandated, meaning that an extension of the mandate won’t make any difference.

Also note the doublethink on display as regards vaccines. Bríd admits that the vast majority of the Irish population is fully vaccinated and boosted. But she also says we need to worry about the spread of the virus.

But if you were to ask her “Does that mean the vaccine and boosters don’t offer sufficient protection?” she’d no doubt hit the roof and accuse you of being anti-vaxx.

In other words, to Bríd, vaccines both work and don’t work at the same time. They are extremely effective and offer great protection, but we also can’t rely on them at all. She sees no contradiction in this whatsoever.

At this point the presenter said to Bríd that if we exercise endless amounts of caution, “we’ll never get out of this thing,” adding that “we have to move on.”

“The Unions are saying give it another month,” said Smith. “What’s wrong with that? Give it another month. Why so soon?”

She actually said “Why so soon?” in reference to removing Covid restrictions. And she said this in late February of 2022.

The restrictions started around March of 2020. “Two weeks to stop the spread” turned into two gruelling years. And as we lift restrictions, this woman has the audacity to come on television and say “Why so soon?”

Ultimately, it’s clear that Zero Covid lockdown addicts like Smith would not be satisfied with another month of masking. What would happen at the end of the month – would Bríd say “OK, fair enough, lift it now”?

Well of course she wouldn’t. In that time the Omega Delta Echo Tango Down variant would have popped up and she’d be calling for restrictions again. Either that, or it just “wouldn’t be the right time,” and she’d be calling for us to wait until the summer – rinse and repeat.

Groups like PBP, being self-avowed Marxists, can’t accept that unprecedented State power is being lost. Lockdowns and emergency powers where the government controlled every aspect of our lives would have been the perfect segue into the Communist utopia they dream of.

Now we’re left with nothing but Paul Murphy and Bríd Smith in public therapy sessions begging the revolution’s last hope – Covid restrictions – to come back.

But unfortunately for our dear Comrades, they, like everyone else, will have to accept that it’s over. Normality is coming back, and not a moment too soon.

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