North Korea appears to restart nuclear program – UN

In a development dubbed “deeply troubling” by the UN’s atomic energy agency, North Korea’s Communist regime seems to have restarted development of their illegal nuclear program.

According to UN sources, evidence seems to suggest that the country’s plutonium-producing reprocessing reactor has been fired up yet again in an attempt to expand its nuclear weapons program.

“Since early July, there have been indications, including the discharge of cooling water, consistent with the operation of the reactor,” the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said in its annual report.

Additionally, it was recently discovered that the regime may be using a local radiochemical laboratory to separate plutonium from spent fuel which was previously removed from the reactor – developments which the IAEA described as “deeply troubling” and a “clear violation” of international law.

“(North Korea’s) nuclear activities continue to be a cause for serious concern,” the report said.

“Furthermore, the new indications of the operation of the 5-megawatt reactor and the radiochemical laboratory are deeply troubling.”

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un had previously offered to dismantle part of the reactor during negotiations with then-US president Donald Trump, on the condition that other nuclear sites could remain, and that the US would lift sanctions on his country. This offer was rejected, and numerous international sanctions remained in place.

Earlier in the year, North Korea accused Joe Biden of pursuing a “hostile policy” over its nuclear programme, after the US President called North Korea’s nuclear armament a “serious threat to global security.”



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