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No, unvaccinated people are not to blame for Omicron

The media is trying its best to somehow blame the Omicron variant on a lack of vaccination globally, despite the first cases detected being in fully vaccinated individuals, leaving a gaping hole in their argument.

Many people seem to be under the impression that, if only vaccination rates across the world were higher, the Omicron variant would never have come into existence. If only, if only, we had rolled out the jab more vigorously, this terrible fate would never have befallen us.

RTÉ News published an article on Saturday regarding Omicron, asking “Should more have been done? Vaccine uptake around the world.”

The piece states:

“Speaking in July this year, Dr. Mike Ryan acknowledged that the world had been brought to its knees by Covid-19, not because the virus is smart, but “because we are stupid.”

Speaking at the launch of the People’s Vaccine Alliance Ireland, Dr Ryan said that vaccine inequity across the world was “an abomination” and that the pandemic would not end until all vulnerable healthcare workers were vaccinated.”

In other words, according to RTÉ, Omicron is upon us because we stupidly did not vaccinate enough of the third world in time to stop the variant popping up.

RTÉ is not alone in this line of thinking, however.

One Irish Examiner reader wrote a piece published in “Letters to the Editor” which read:

“Now, yet again another dangerous variant has been hatched on foot of same crass self-protectionism, which will have us pay dearly for our collective smug detachment.”

The reader went on to blame the “greedy selfishness of First World vaccination hoarding, double and trebling of jabs” for the variant’s creation.

Many other news outlets around the world have outlined how “vaccine inequality” is a factor in the creation of this new variant.

This is remarkable, considering the fact that the variant first originated in Botswana before spreading to South Africa. According to the Botswana government, all four of the original Omicron cases first detected were fully-vaccinated.

“The Presidential COVID-19 Task Force informs the public that four cases of a new COVID-19 variant now known as B.1.1.529 were reported and recorded on Monday 22nd November 2021,” the Botswana government said in a statement.

“The preliminary report revealed that all four had been fully-vaccinated for COVID-19.”

While this is not absolute proof that these were the first cases of the virus, these are the earliest ones we know about to date, and not one of these individuals was unjabbed. There is, thus far, little or no evidence to indicate lack of vaccination played a role in the appearance of this variant.

This will not stop the media, however, who have already made their minds up that vaccines are the silver bullet, holy grail and philosopher’s stone all rolled into one.

So far as the news is concerned, jabbing everything that moves is the solution to all of life’s problems, and if anything bad happens, it must be because we didn’t stick a syringe in it.

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