Nigeria: Wedding Guests Kidnapped at Gunpoint

Vanguard has reported that 50 wedding guests were kidnapped in Sokoto Stage, Nigeria.

The kidnapping took place in the Dogon Awo area of Tureta, after bandits are reported to have ambushed a vehicle which was undergoing repairs.

Secretary of the Union of Communication of Zamfara State, Ashiru Zurmi is reported to have said that 20 of the 50 people abducted managed to escape captivity.

BBC News reported one witness of the attack as saying: “One of the gunmen was running after me, firing and telling me to stop. But I didn’t stop and God helped me to escape”

Another witness described being left “exhausted and speechless” after running from the scene of the attack to a police checkpoint.

BBC Pidgin News quoted one of the victims of the attack, chairman of phone dealership Bebeji Plaza Mustapha Khalifa, as saying that some of the assailed group were shot, and that the attackers used the victims mobile phones to confirm that they were holding the group.

However he said that as yet no ransom has been demanded.

In a separate incident it was reported that a priest was kidnapped from his home this morning in the Plateau State of central Nigeria.

The priest has been identified as Reverend Father James Kantoma, the parish priest of Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church.


Reverend Father James Kantoma via Facebook

Nigerian community news platform The State of the Plateau reported that Fr. Kantoma, who is the Chairman of the Christian Association in Nigeria, was taken away by gunmen.

A witness is quoted as saying that some youths tried to stop the kidnapping prompting the assailants to start “shooting everywhere” .

The platform quotes Police Public Relations Officer of the State Command, Alabo Alfred,  as saying “Our men are already working to ensure that the Reverend father regains his freedom and apprehend those behind the abduction”

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