Vincent F Pintado’s Old Celtic Dictionary is a first of its kind, bringing together the fruit of 30 years of labour. This is the first time all these ancient Celtic words have been researched and brought together in one volume. Along with the dictionary, an inter-Gaeilig chart is included at the back. This chart shows the similarities and minor differences between each of the Gaeilig dialects and demonstrates that Gaeilig, whether in Albainn, Éireann, Gailíse or Manainn is one language with many diverse regional dialects, accents and orthographical facets. At the end of the day the differences are minor but the language is one.

The author, Vincent F. Pintado, is a lexicographer and old Celtic language researcher of Galician descent.

Published with the help of Clann Éirí Gréine, it’s available from Lulu publications here


By (author): Vincent F. Pintado

Publication Date: 5/16/2021

Language: English

ISBN: 9781467559645

Category: Education & Language