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Murphy: Let’s cut the national herd to stop climate change

Far-left TD Paul Murphy has insisted that Ireland’s national herd “absolutely has to be cut if we are to meet our climate targets.”

Here, look – at least he’s honest.

Murphy said that while the government insists they will not reduce the size of the national herd, “There is no indication of how we are actually going to bring down emissions.”

“I thought the exchange earlier between the Taoiseach and Deputy Danny Healy-Rae was instructive,” the People Before Profit TD from the wealthy Dublin suburb of Goatstown said.

“Deputy Healy-Rae was accusing the Taoiseach of saying that the national herd has to be cut and the Taoiseach was very defiantly saying that, no, he definitely did not say that.

“What is missing is some basic honesty that, yes, the national herd absolutely has to be cut if we are to meet our climate targets.”

Bizarrely, he then added: “That does not have to mean and must not mean a reduction in living standards for small farmers. Small farmers should be guaranteed a living income and they should be given payments for carbon sequestration and ecosystem services.”

Is that really a serious answer though? Deliberately wrecking the businesses of small farmers and then paying them the difference to not work?

The Irish beef industry is already on its knees, and apparently the socialist solution to this problem is to further hammer the livelihood of farmers by killing off their animals, and then simply giving them taxpayer money to do Mickey Mouse jobs like “carbon sequestration.”

This is in no way a critique of the farmers mind you – the agricultural sector is being mauled by the government and the Green lobby left, right and centre (or, more precisely, left, left and far-left). The farmers, quite understandably, will happily take whatever financial respite they can get at this stage, and I don’t blame them.

However, I say this “carbon sequestering” business is a Mickey Mouse job because, as has been well established by the EU, Ireland produces 0.1% of the world’s total carbon emissions – a literal fraction of a percent.

Even taking the whole mainstream narrative of man-made climate change at face value, our impact on the climate is objectively irrelevant. We could halve or double our contribution tomorrow and it would make not one iota of difference to the planet.

Therefore, paying a farmer in rural Tipperary to go out and plant a few shrubs where his cows used to be is the biggest fool’s errand imaginable.

Moreover, unless you’re a Marxist, most people want to actually work and earn a living. They don’t want to be reliant on state handouts to survive.

Sure, they’ll take it if they’re left with no choice, like during the lockdown when the government forcibly shut down thousands of people’s businesses (a move which Murphy and his party also vigorously supported as it happens). But ideally most people would prefer to run their own business and pay their way in the world. What Murphy is proposing here is totally undignified.

In fact, it’s convenient that People Before Profit wants to zero in on what Irish farmers and Western countries are doing as regards carbon emissions, while ignoring the Eastern elephant in the room. As Murphy said in the Dáil during the same speech:

“The five biggest oil and gas companies between them have $5 trillion worth of oil reserves. They need to stay in the ground and those companies need to be put out of business, but the world’s capitalist governments obviously refuse to do so.”

He blames “capitalist governments” for producing too much carbon emissions, when in reality, Murphy’s Marxist comrades in Communist China produce more emissions and pollution than every developed nation on earth combined.

How’s that for an inconvenient truth?

I suppose we should expect no less of a politician who splintered from the Socialist Party to established his own self-described “radical” eco-socialist party for about 5 minutes before joining PBP.

These people will tell you upfront – their ideas are “radical.” They admit that openly.

And, true to their word, culling off the national herd of a country with an already struggling agriculture sector to prevent bush fires in Australia is just about the most radical and extreme thing I’ve heard in a while.

Like I said at the start, at least he’s honest.

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