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Mexico drops all Covid entry requirements, including testing, vaccines, health forms and quarantine 

Mexico, reportedly the world’s most popular travel destination throughout the Covid crisis, has now dropped all Covid-related entry requirements.

The changes came into force on 1st of January, with the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs (IDFA) now telling prospective tourists: “There are currently no vaccination or COVID-19 testing requirements for entering Mexico.” The IDFA states that those entering “will be required to complete a health survey upon arrival,” however it is believed that the health form has now also been scrapped according to reports

Mexico, the third largest Latin American country after Brazil and Argentina, was reportedly “the world’s most popular travel destination throughout the COVID-19 pandemic” according to The Rio Times because unlike most of the world, Mexico kept its borders open throughout the pandemic. 

Mexico has become the second country in the world – after El Salvador who dropped all Covid entry requirements in November 2021 – to remove Covid entry requirements, including presenting proof of vaccination status or a negative test. The decision is likely to further cement Mexico’s status as a hugely popular tourist destination after it was revealed recently that Cancun ended the year on a high – with the city in South Eastern Mexico being named the second most visited destination in the world for 2021.

The star ranking stems from a statistical report compiled by Forward Keys, who track airline and tourism trends in real time. Its success stands in contrast to a whole range of countries across the world who have been hit badly during what has been a turbulent year for the tourism industry. Mexico City came in at number 16 on the list. The list also shows London, which enacted strict Covid-related travel measures, fall from second to eighth place from 2019-2021. The analysis also revealed that major European airlines struggled disproportionately, with all European carriers having fallen or been eliminated from the ranking for 2021 compared to 2019. For instance, Ryanair and EasyJet, the two largest European carriers, have fallen from 5th and 8th position respectively to 7th and 16th. 

Mexico’s President recently claimed that Omicron “does not have the lethality “ that the Delta variant has. Addressing the nation on Thursday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that his ‘mild’ Omicron infection proves the Omicron strain of COVID-19 is not lethal as the Delta variant. 

“I am getting over COVID. And I also want to share this information with you because I consider that it is quite encouraging to be able to verify in my own flesh now that this variant of COVID does not have the lethality, the danger, of the previous variant, of the so-called Delta,’” López Obrador told the nation from his presidential office at the National Palace in Mexico City. 

Whilst some countries enact stringent rules making travel difficult particularly for the unvaccinated, Mexico is currently open to all Irish and UK tourists regardless of their vaccination status, and does not require any international travellers to have a Covid test to be granted entry. There are plenty of incredible places to see in Mexico, from Chichen Itze, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, to popular holiday destination Cancun, a city on the radar for those seeking out sunshine, pools, beaches, and bustling a nightlife scene. Used to seeing temperatures soar in the summer, Mexico also attracts visitors all year because of its year-round sunshine. From January to March, temperatures average around 20C. 

While there are no Covid-related restrictions, the IDFA notes: “All passengers travelling through or departing Mexico by plane should register their trip on the Mexico Vuela Seguro Platform before boarding their flight. Multiple passengers can be registered on one account, and will need to show their individual QR code to airport officials.”

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