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Masking the servants –The new neo-feudal progressive world

In Shakespeare’s play about the Roman dictator, Julius Caesar, the eponymous despot faints from the stink of the breath of the unwashed masses who had come to adore him. The historic scene has its contemporary equivalant in the manifest contempt for the people who they pretend to serve displayed by the progressive elites at the Met Gala in New York.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez turned up in a grossly hypocritical billboard which ostensibly proclaimed the message to ‘Tax the Rich’,” but was actually a demand for more centralised power.

AOC gets to pretend she is not one of the privileged class while literally splurging $30,000 to attend the ridiculous Met Gala with the rest of the elites. She forked out the cost of admission, and then made some sort of pretence of being “a working girl of color”.

She turned up in a dress that was probably even more expensive than the $30k ticket/bribe while a servant lifted her train to reveal shoes that cost more than a median income family’s monthly food budget costs (a tidy $600 for the cheapest shoes of the brand apparently). Quite noticeably, AOC, the communist, got to show off and flaunt the rules of masking while the servants were completely masked. Why was this?

It was striking to observe this contrast at the Met Gala. All of the plebs – including aides, waiters and photographers, were masked – for their own good, of course. But all the ultra-rich progressives, including AOC and her mega-wealthy friends, were clearly not obliged to wear any face coverings.

They are special, you see.  The rules don’t apply. And unlike previous occasions when the elites were caught flaunting the Covid rules they insist are so important, this was a brazen and very public assertion.

The commentators defending Barack Obama’s packed three-day birthday party without masks, decided that the rules didn’t apply because this was a “sophisticated crowd” who were rubbing elbows at Martha’s Vineyard.

Just as with the Met Gala – and probably like our own MerrionGate – the more “sophisticated” people, the better people, remain happily mask-free while the great unwashed who serve then must have their muzzles covered.

Shakespeare, a glib observer of this particular power-flaunting archetype, portrayed the elite’s disdain in this scene from Julius Caesar.

“And then he offered it the third time. He put it the third time by. And still, as he refused it, the rabblement hooted and clapped their chapped hands and threw up their sweaty night-caps and uttered such a deal of stinking breath because Caesar refused the crown that it had almost choked Caesar—for he swooned and fell down at it. And for mine own part, I durst not laugh for fear of opening my lips and receiving the bad air.”

It’s hard to think that, despite her virtue-signalling, anti-rich talk, AOC doesn’t see herself in the same light as Ceasar. The masking of the servant class attending to her great publicity stunt, was a most grotesque display of privilege.

Funny enough, she protested afterwards that anyone who dared point out that her dress is self-contradicting was misleading or just plain lying. The rich don’t include me, said AOCommunist, its just the Billionaires. You see, the mythical and evil “rich” are always just people that are richer than the one shouting the communist slogans loudest. You see its relative! The rich are only the people who are richer than AOC.

Of course there is no point talking about the hypocrisy of all this, because as is becoming abundantly clear, like Ceasar, the elites of this progressive new world have different rules to live by than the ones they demand we peasants live by. It seems that the hypocrisy is an overt power flex. We are meant to see it, and accept it! There is nothing that signals privilege and entitlement more than this.

This is the progressive neo-feudal world that is emerging before us, and it will only get worse unless we push back. What we are seeing is that the progressive identity politics that purport to fight on the behalf of the “oppressed” is actually an excuse for a neo-feudal society where the elites are completely unconstrained by rules and custom. As long as they signal allegiance to the progressive noble causes they can safely ignore all the diktats they apply to us mere subjects.

We see the same with the climate hustlers who gather at Davos to finger wag at us about how evil it is to take a Ryanair flight for a sunny holiday because we are carbon footprinting the planet. They do this after all flying in on private jets – a jet each in many cases.

In the past year we have seen the elites po-faced lamentations about the danger of mass deaths as they repeat creeds of technocratic rule. “Follow the science” they say while they ignore “the science”. We have seen it in the case of Covid, where RTÉ have parties just minutes after getting off camera where they were telling us plebs to social distance.

The Dáil delegates whisked down the country for a golf soirée but only after pretending they were terrified of their lives of getting within 2 meters of anyone without a mask.

In California, governor Gavin Newsom tells people to not meet up in their homes before dashing off to a luxury dinner at a $700 a plate restaurant with a massive crowd of donors and policy setters – some of the same policy advisors who advised him on the distancing policies they were flagrantly disregarding. Tánaiste, Leo Varadkar, opines that it is way too dangerous to have concerts in Ireland and he wouldn’t do what those reckless Brits would do, and promptly jets off to London for a festival in Brockwell Park along with 25,000 others.

But these are all ok because they are better people than us, or so it seems. It was amazing to see so many lackeys jump to Varadkar’s defence when he was caught out so flagrantly in contempt of the spirit of the rules he set. Immediately after his hypocrisy was pointed out, we had a coterie of lackeys indignantly proclaiming he “was entitled to his privacy”.

The plebs of course are not entitled to their privacy. Whether that is the privacy of their medical information, or to not be subjected to harassment when entering a restaurant or theatre, they just don’t get that privilege.

And this is thing. This is what defines this progressive new world feudal. We are now talking about privilege not rights. A citizen has a right to not be obstructed by their rulers as they go about their legitimate business exercising their rights, a subject must obtain the privilege from their feudal lords.

The sophisticated ones, unconstrained by the rules for the great unwashed.

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