The Democratic and Republican conventions presented two vastly different perceptions of America, with such little overlap, or agreement on basic narrative points, that each side seems to be past the point of acknowledging a basic validity in the other.

The Republicans pinned the violence of the past 90 days on the mayors of the Democrat-run cities where it is happening, and the Democrats finally admitted that America’s streets are plagued by violence.

Both sides are blaming the other, and society, it seems, is so polarised that footage from the streets almost looks like a country on the brink of a civil war.

Over the weekend two separate shooting incidents occurred. One in Kenosha, where a teenager who had joined with groups to protect a petrol station, shot three separate people, allegedly in self-defence.

The other incident in Portland, saw Antifa and some Black Lives Matter activists shoot a man, and video footage showed them celebrating the shooting.


 The Antifa mob then went to the residence of Portland’s infamously weak and conciliatory mayor, Ted Wheeler, leaving a message.


Rioters are being released straight after arrest, and the Democratic vice presidential candidate has supported a bail fund to ensure they are released, enabling them to cause more mayhem.


In Washington DC a BLM activist advocates “burning down the Whiteouse” and “putting police in the f***ing grave”

 In the absence of law and order, partly due to the defund the police campaign, are we witnessing an increasingly polarized America, forming militias in the first stage of a civil war?

In Maoist style struggle sessions, left-wing activist mobs are roaming Democrat cities threatening and coercing bystanders into displaying symbolic gestures of submission. Although there is incredible pressure to submit, not all the public were intimidated into self-subjugation.


Some have compared these BLM coercion mobs with pro-segregation racists from the civil rights era.

 This business owner, a victim of rioters, says the rioters will get President Donal Trump re-elected


Opportunistic looting is now endemic, which many people angrily point out has nothing to do with police brutality.


Suspicious bots respond with inflammatory statements that people should not be upset about the destruction of property.


This sort of justification for violence is wearing thin according to this twitter account.


Kenosha, Wisconsin, was the flashpoint for the most recent riots after police responded to a call from the victim of a sexual assault who said her alleged attacker was returning to the house. Police say the alleged attacker, Jacob Blake, was wielding a knife at the time of his arrest, and had put one of the arresting officers in a headlock and shrugged off two attempts to taser him. An officer shot Blake seven times in the back, and he remains hospitalised.

Kenosha is a middle sized town with an integrated town layout of businesses mixed with residential. Nightly riots have devastated these neighbourhoods since Blake’s shooting. Reporters on the ground have reported that the rioters are being bussed in.


With little police presence, locals responded by standing guard at local businesses and so we had the case of Kyle Rittenhouse a 17 year old who allegedly shot three separate attackers in self defence.


Rittenhouse was immediately, and predictably, condemned by the left as a white supremacist.


Lawyer Mike Cernovitch said Rittenhouse’s actions were justifiable

Finding the truth about these incidents takes investigation and time, but the truth seems to be the first casualty of those who want to foment revolution.

In January 2019, NY Democratic represenattive, Alexadria Ocasio Cortez, famously said that the narrative is more important than the truth. She said “There’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct, than about being morally right,”

 With charismatic and populist politicians openly embracing deception as a means to achieve power, no wonder America feels like a tinder keg right now.