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Longford Experienced Unprecedented Population Growth According to Census

According to the results of the 2022 national census, County Longford experienced the largest population growth in the country over the past six years. The county experienced a 14% population increase, the highest in the country.

The Longford Leader reported the preliminary results of the Census showing that population increases occurred in every county over the past six years.

According to Senior Statistician in the Census Division, Cormac Halpin, “preliminary results show a population of 5,123,563 on census night. This is an increase of 7.6% since 2016, It is also the highest population recorded in the census since 1841”.

The counties with the highest population growth were Longford with its 14% increase, Meath saw a 13% rise, while Fingal and Kildare experienced a rise of 11%.

Shannon Wide News reported, “When compared to 2016, Longford has seen the country’s largest increase in population with over 46,600 people living in the county, a jump of 14 percent of 2016’s figure of 40,800.

Housing stock in the county also increased by almost 4 percent to 19,292 residential units, while vacancy rates dropped by 17 percent.”

The preliminary census results show that the population has increased by 8% overall from the 2016 results, with foreign net migration accounting for half (4%) of the total number. This represents a total population increase of 361,671 people.

Earlier this week Minister of State for Planning and Local Government, Peter Burke, visited Longford as three social housing developments were opened.

Three new social housing developments in County Longford were opened today (Monday, June 27) as Minister of State for Planning and Local Government, Peter Burke, made a visit to the county.

Longford Leader reported “Campbells Drive in Farnagh, Alder Field in Farnagh Hill and Slí Corglass in Legga, were delivered in late 2021 under the Social Housing Capital Investment Programme (SHCIP) and accommodate a total of 120 adults and 115 children.”

The three developments saw respective investments of €10,816,810 for the The Alder Field, Farnagh Hill development in Longford Town,  €4,704,883 for the The Campbells Drive, Farnagh scheme, and €1,899,000 for the The Slí Corglass, Legga housing scheme at Moyne.

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