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Lisa Smith is not one of us, no matter how much she wants to “come home”

ET is that you – the benign two-foot-tall creature from space with a long neck and big loveable eyes, who ended up in a family home in the Hollywood Hills against your original want?

No, it’s Lisa Smith, an ex-member of the 27th Infantry Battalion and Air Corps, who served as a flight attendant to Bertie Ahern, Michael Martin and Mary McAleese and willingly joined the most brutal terrorist organisation on the planet. She did all this while looking down on us Western infidels with contempt from the window of her hijab.

Just to recap, Smith, who is originally from Louth, left the defence forces after converting to Salafism, a conservative branch of Sunni Islam that adheres to 7th-century societal values in 2011, ranted drivel about chemtrails and other conspiracy theories, embarked on a Middle Eastern odyssey, posed with a rifle at a farm in Tunisia in 2012, got married four times within a year and god knows what else.

Per se, you can marry as often as you want, but in her case, it was because the first three people she married weren’t jihadist enough for her. And now she wants to come home, ‘cos’ in her words ‘it didn’t work out.’

You’d think her parents would be ashamed of her, but no. They want her to appear on the Late Late Show and give Isis much needed positive press. Rather than get tried for treason, and go straight to prison, which should happen, she could sit there, like a smug victim, being thrown some very vanilla questions on her platform. It’s insulting to the dead of Manchester, Paris, Brussels, Aleppo and endless more.

Joining Isis

In 2016, she headed to Syria to join Islamic State, had a child with her then Isis fighter husband Sajid Aslam, who was killed in combat, and ended up in the Iraqi-Syrian border in the Ain Issa refugee camp before surrendering to Kurdish forces in the desert of Baghouz, and being taken captive by Turkey. Soon she will be back home in Dundalk. The ‘simple life of Isis’ that she left Ireland and western cultures and ideologies for, wasn’t all that, and now she’d like to come home. Smith has a child, and hey, we should be compassionate right?  I mean we don’t want her going to Iraq to endure the kind of penalty Isis victims endured.

“Why what did I do? I just joined the Isamic state and now I’m a monster?’ she told RTE reporter Norma Costello. Well, yes. That’s how it works. Isis has that effect on people.

The thing about Lisa Smith is this smug, arrogance in her interview. It’s devoid of empathy, and worse still, embarrassment. I can’t even fathom, the stress I’d cause my parents, and worse, the shame. But she doesn’t care.

‘Oops. Sorry, I broke your lampshade and I joined Isis. I was craving the simpler life away from you heathens upon whom I look down upon.’ How dare she? How dare she join Isis, knowing what it was about? And how dare she want to come home and think we should all get over ourselves? How dare she be so smug? And sanctimonious? How dare she cost taxpayers money. Of all the things to spend money on, the notion of spending it on her makes me sick.


She’s breached security, betrayed her colleagues and her country and now, she expects a pity party and no doubt one parent family allowance.

I mean, it’s her not her fault she can’t get a job.

Lack of penalties for returning fighters

There seems to be a huge lack of penalty for returning Isis. In the UK, there’s a voluntary system called Channel for people suspected to be at risk of radicalisation. Teachers, community members, family members and others can refer individuals to channel. The desistance and disengagement programme offer personalised interventions, tailored support and things like housing, education and identity therapy. Housing you say? I can’t even get housing? That sounds fair.

The sheer and utter beauty of a la carte feminism, is that you can be a victim at any time like that time you joined Isis and had a kid with an Isis fighter. Then you can play the poor me card. Imagine a Malaysian male, who ‘joined Isis knowingly did that?  Ok this is Ireland and real criminals, blue collar or otherwise, don’t get their just deserves, but still.

Should Isis members get compassion?

What was she doing over there?

“I just came to here and it didn’t work out.” Really. You see what’s happening in the Middle East. You saw what was happening in Europe, in the Bataclan in Paris in 2015, In Brussels Airport in 2016, and you still joined? Even Nazis’ can’t be forgiven for joining the Nazi party in the 1930s and 1940s when they were subjected to Goebbels propaganda during a time when you could be forgiven for getting censored information.

And yet, many people in Ireland think, when she lands on our shores, a security assessment, to determine whether she poses a risk to the State, is enough.

For those who come back, she should get the all clear. After all surveillance will cost over €1 millions and utilise the services of 32 staff. People say, she’s our problem We have citizens here who have done far worse. Yes, but she should be treated accordingly. Compassion is nothing without wisdom. Isis is a dangerous organisation and its a matter of national security. This woman does not seem contrite.

She wants to come home- but is she contrite?

But sure, we all make mistakes. Dundalk Councillor Peter Fitzpatrick says Smith is desperate to get home like some long-lost prisoner of war. Despite photos emerging of Ms Smith posing with guns, speaking on LMFM, the Independent Councillor said that she denies all claims of involvement in ISIS.

“I don’t know whether she’s guilty, or whether she’s innocent but she has been an Irish citizen, herself and her child, and all she wants is a chance to come home and explain exactly what happened,” he said.

“She has a baby daughter. In 2019 she was captured and detained by the US forces in Northern Syria, she has denied being a member of Isis, she says she’s not guilty, she says she never owned a gun.”

“She wants to come home to her country, she wants to come home to Dundalk and she’s willing to testify, to talk to anyone to clear her name.”

Once that’s done, Smith wants to get on with it. Brush it under the carpet. After all and in Smith’s words, ‘There will be someone else” to write about.

She may forget she joined Isis, and so may the government and the forces that be, but that for the sake of security, the rest of us shouldn’t.

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