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LGBTQ+ sex ed for toddlers is “extreme & unbalanced,” court hears

A mandatory sex education regime for primary school students in Wales is both “extreme and unbalanced,” according to a barrister representing a group of concerned Welsh parents.

The remarks were made in the Welsh High Court, as the sex ed classes in question have been made compulsory for all children aged 3 and up within the Welsh primary school system. There is reportedly no choice for parents to opt-out, even for religious reasons.

The education plan would see toddlers being taught about “inclusive behaviours [and] language,” “LGBTQ+ diversity,” and all “genders” as a form of sex ed.

As reported by the Telegraph, Paul Diamond, the barrister representing the parents, has argued that the lessons are not suitable for the proposed age range.

“When parents send their children to school they don’t expect to have psycho-sexual theories and ‘plus issues’ taught from the age of three,” said Diamond, adding that the guidelines were “the most extreme and unbalanced documents there could be.”

“This is the most comprehensive change in the school environment and it places its entire focus on one issue, that of LGBTQ+,” he continued, saying that the scheme left “no room for religious, moral or philosophical views of the children or their parents.”

Earlier this year Gript reported that Ireland’s official curriculum body, the NCCA, has advised that babies and toddlers should be told stories about being transgender and “gender fluid.”

In addition to this, it also advises teaching children age zero and up that they can wear the opposite sex’s clothing, and encourages Junior Infants students to be read stories such as “The Boy In The Dress,” all about a boy who wants to wear girls’ clothes and change his gender identity.

The NCCA has also encouraged teachers to study “crossdressing” for “erotic enjoyment,” “drag,” “gender queer” and “gender-fluid” identities as part of an “SPHE and RSE toolkit” for primary schools.

Teachers were also discouraged from using the phrase “boys and girls,” and were told instead to seek a more gender neutral alternative.

The same NCCA has admitted that many teachers in Ireland are uncomfortable teaching sex ed curriculum as they feel it isn’t “age appropriate.”

This recently prompted a teaching group called the Irish Education Alliance to call for the removal of gender ideology from Irish schools, arguing that “The promotion of gender identity poses significant risks to the welfare of children.”



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